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Colleen Kelly, The Host

Parent, travel writer, and seasoned traveler, Colleen Kelly grew up traveling all over the world.  She has experienced the United States from coast to coast and has explored over 20 foreign countries.  Her vast knowledge of travel brought her to realize the need for a new kind of travel experience and focus—one that is centered around the family.

As a family travel expert, Colleen doesn’t miss a beat as she offers her personalized tips to parents.  Her fun-loving personality pulsates through every moment of the show.  She is the ultimate modern-day parent who isn’t afraid to kick back, get a little messy, and have fun!

About Family Travel

Family Travel Made Easier!

Host and Travel Guide Colleen Kelly explores must-see locations & attractions throughout the U.S. and abroad, sharing expert travel tips and insights to create easier family vacations filled with once-in-a-lifetime memories.
Airing nationally on Public Television in Fall 2013, each 30-minute episode offers a personalized, “exclusive” behind-the-scenes tour with an upbeat, high-energy delivery and pace that engages viewers from the start.

About Family Travel

About Travel Film Productions

Travel Film Productions, LLC is a creative and innovative multi-media production company, specializing in the television industry. With a strong background in travel-related video, television, and tourism, Travel Film Productions leverages its collective expertise to tell engaging and memorable stories.

Travel Film Productions was formed in 2009 by Colleen Kelly and Tricia Fusilero. After wrapping an international production in Europe for NBC’s “24/7”, the two partners developed their vision for a new production company based on their individual experiences in television, marketing, travel, and education. Kelly’s background encompasses her involvement as the Co-Creator and Executive Producer of NBC’s “24/7 Chicago”, which was nominated for an Emmy in 2008 and won an Emmy for Best Director in 2009. Fusilero approaches television production from an educator’s viewpoint as a former Fulbright Scholar and teacher. Together Kelly and Fusilero bring a fresh approach to television production, bringing stories to life by creating television shows and specialized videos that take viewers on a journey. Having both lived and worked internationally, Kelly and Fusilero believe that visual communication breaks all barriers uniting all viewers.Whether it is local, national, or an international production, Kelly and Fusilero excel at building bridges to desired audiences.


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