10 Reasons Your Family Won’t Forget a Trip to Tenerife

Tenerife is a Spanish Canary Island located off the coast of Africa. It boasts beautiful, black sand beaches, sunny 74-degree weather year-round, the tallest peak in Spain, the best water park in the world, sensational, fresh seafood, a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and some of the most luxurious, family-friendly hotels. This volcanic island in the Atlantic […]

3 Simple Ways You Can Afford a Fun Vacation with a Limited Budget

The research is clear: travel is good for your soul. Paying for that travel can feel like a real burden for your budget though, especially if you are working with a tight one. So, how can you afford the vacation you need without incurring extra expenses your budget doesn’t need? Well, you can start by […]

61 National Parks: Classifications, Tips, and Cool Facts

There are presently 61 U.S. National Parks. 20 of them are a stone’s throw away from civilization, 33 are remote or borderline remote, and 8 Parks are very remote. Those near civilization include Acadia, Mount Rainier, Redwood, Rocky Mountain, Badlands, Great Smoky Mountains, Joshua Tree, Hawaii Volcanoes, Haleakala, Zion, Saguaro, Cuyahoga Valley, Mesa Verde, Arches, […]

Glamping in the Missouri Ozarks

If you’re like Colleen Kelly, there’s nothing more enlightening than experiencing this world’s natural beauty. There’s hardly a better feeling than waking up in a warm, cozy bed, brewing up a pot of coffee, and drinking it outside in the crisp fall air as you take in the sights and sounds of nature all around […]

Keeping Cool in the Florida Keys

When it comes to planning a family getaway in the Sunshine State there’s no need to wait until winter’s chill sets in. The Florida Keys offer so much for families, you can justify a trip at just about any time of year. Even during the hot summer months, aquatic activities and amazing resort pools promise […]

5 Tips When Applying for Passports with Your Family

Make the long process of getting their passports just a little easier. International travel with children is a challenge, but getting their passports shouldn’t be. Here are our five tips to make this process go a little more smoothly. 1. Be Prepared and Have Everything Together There is a lot of paperwork that goes into […]

7 Rules When Road-Tripping with a Baby

Many people think that family road-tripping must be put on hold when you have a baby. But what’s the fun in that? Getting your children involved in travel, even at wee infant ages, can set them up for success down the road. We put together tips for taking a cross-country road-trip with the newest additions […]

9 Vacation Activities Your Teens Will Love

Planning a family trip can be difficult, especially when considering activities for your teenagers. Teens are often caught in the middle while on vacation. They feel too old to play with the younger kids, but too young to do the more adult activities. If you’re ever short on ideas on how to make your vacation […]

Top 7 for la Famille à Paris

Paris, the city of light, has so much to offer all age groups. The city has something for everyone. Whether it be exploring the millions of parks, cafes, canals, museums, or just walking through the city itself, there are so many highlights. One of our writers, Lena Mobin, who currently lives in Paris has found […]

Talking to Children About Being Judgmental: Judgmental Flower

As I travel throughout the U.S. and abroad almost weekly, I have the opportunity to do a lot of people watching. I am proud to say that the majority of the people that I have encountered and observed appear to be good, respectful, kind people. I am very concerned however that in the future that […]

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