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Month: May 2012


Food Lovers on Parade: the Wonder of Food Tours

I LOVE FOOD! So a food tour is right up my alley! We were trying to get to three locations during the shoot, but we only made it to two.
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Real Chicago Moms: Meet Dwana De La Cerna!

Chicago is a city full of never-ending wonder. From the deepest part of the South Side to the border of Evanston, Chicago is beautiful. Surrounded by lakes and rivers, CHICAGO is a novice photographer’s dream and the neophyte’s greatest experiment. I am Dwana De La Cerna and I was born and raised on the city’s South Side.
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Real Chicago Moms: Meet Tara Burghart!

Tara Burghart worked for 14 years as a reporter and editor for The Associated Press, the world’s oldest and largest news-gathering organization. During her AP career, Burghart helped cover the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001; the deadly anthrax attacks a few weeks later; several plane and train crashes, mass shootings and multiple murder and corruption
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Real Chicago Mom: Meet Natasha Nicholes!

Natasha Nicholes is a native Chicagoan and LOVES nothing more than to load up the car with her husband and children and go wherever the road takes her. Seriously, she lives for this stuff. Even being the mother of a tween, a toddler and twins. She is the owner and chief blogger at Houseful Of Nicholes and
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Real Chicago Moms: Meet Cindy McCarthy!

Cindy McCarthy is a mom of two young girls and urban explore of kid-sized Chicago! Cindy loved Chicago before she had kids, but fell in love all over again once she started a family. After spending more than twelve years working for Hilton Hotels, she left corporate American to follow her dream of becoming an
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Real Chicago Moms: Meet Karen King

Karen King is a self-deprecation specialist who writes about her parenting misadventures on her blog: mom-mom-mom. The blog’s name was inspired by her son’s version of water boarding: repeating “mom” in the same tone until her ears bleed. You can also find her gabbing on Facebook. Karen’s Family Travel Tip My biggest car travel tip: a cooler that
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Real Chicago Moms: Meet Sara Y-O!

Sara Y-O is a Texan, wife, mom to an almost 3 year old son and the publisher/editor for Macaroni Kid Chicago, a free online newsletter of all the family friendly events in the Windy City. It also offers kid-friendly recipes, crafts, book and music reviews, info on local businesses, great giveaways and MORE! Her work with
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Real Chicago Moms: Meet Sara and Caitlin

Sara R. Fisher and Caitlin Murray Giles wear many hats — moms, marketers, most likely to be first in line at the Nordstrom half-yearly sale — and they wear them all proudly! In 2010, Caitlin and Sara combined their passions for good writing and effective marketing and 2 Moms Media LLC was born. Clients include national brands,
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Real Chicago Mom’s: Meet MJ Tam

MJ Tam is a busy mom of 3 and the Editor of the site for the “movers, shakers and baby makers” and also runs The Chicago Moms, a collaborative blog written by some of the top social media influencers in Chicago. MJ is also one of the Co-hosts of the first live stream talk show in Chicago called Chicagonista
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Real Chicago Moms: Meet Mary W.

Mary Whalen is a stay-at-home mom to two preschool-aged daughters and has a background as a technical writer and training developer.  Last year she decided to start AH Moms, an online community for moms in the Chicago northwest suburbs. “When I was a new mom, I was lucky enough to meet a group of women who’ve supported
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Real Chicago Moms: Meet Marti G.

Marti G. is the mother of a 20-month old little boy and is expecting baby boy #2 in July 2012! She is also the owner of Urba Baby, the newest community baby store that caters to on-the-go city families and has hand-picked must-have essentials for your child’s every day. Urba baby believes in bringing community resources to city
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Real Chicago Moms: Meet Cristine S.

Cristine is the owner of More 4 Mom’s Buck and is a stay-at-home mom of two children. Leaving behind a legal career, she decided to shift her focus to raising her children. Writing a blog became a great way to keep her herself active in between volunteering, carpools and sporting events. In addition to More 4 Mom’s Buck,
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Real Chicago Moms: Meet Melisa W.

Iam a native of Chicago and currently live in the western suburbs with my husband and our two sons. I am a freelance writer and author of two books; Remembering Ruby: for families living beyond the loss of a pet and Chicken in the Car and the Car Won’t Go: Nearly 200 Ways to Enjoy Chicagoland with Tweens
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