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Month: September 2012


Food Lovers on Parade: the Wonder of Food Tours

I LOVE FOOD! So a food tour is right up my alley! We were trying to get to three locations during the shoot, but we only made it to two.
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Airfare Pricing: Getting Bang For Your Buck Every Flight

We all know how much airfare pricing fluctuates. It can be frustrating while planning your family vacation. One day we see the deal of our dreams and next we see it fading away. We all want cheap flights, but it’s hard to know where to find them and when to buy. There is an upside to the
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McDonald’s Nutrition Tour

The Neighborhood Parents Network of Chicago coordinated a dine-and-discussion workshop to help families learn how they can make nutritious choices from the McDonald’s menu. The owner of the McDonald’s welcomed us in the children’s play area and introduced us to the guest speaker, a nutritionist, as well as to other McDonald’s representatives. We were divided into two groups; one
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Food for Flight! Family Travel Snacks & Flight Tips

Packing a few snacks for the ride can help everyone get through the journey a little bit easier. Let’s face it, hungry kids can get pretty cranky! The same holds true for parents and grandparents so make sure you pack a few snacks for the adults as well. Of course you can purchase food and snacks at
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Safe Vacations for the Allergic Traveler

Traveling for the first time with your child who has a mild to severe allergy can be very stressful.  It racks your nerves as you check, and recheck all the things you need to pack, and all the precautions you need to take.  But have you done enough?  Did you forget something major?  Consider these
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RED WHITE AND BLUE – The Grand Hotel of Mackinac Island

How often do we imagine how nice it would be to “go back in time”? This is THAT experience along with bursting red geraniums, straight- back white rocker chairs, and the calming blue waters of Lake Huron. Introduce the ambiance of perfectly delightful room settings, sumptuous meals, impeccable service and you are describing the Grand Hotel on
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