Eat like a Celebrity

Back on the Beach Cafe OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET By the time we got to the restaurant, we were all famished!  The Back on the Beach Cafe was calling our names and the staff we above and beyond [...]

Welcome to my Mansion

Annenberg Beach House OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET What a find!  The Annenberg Beach House was a step back in time to to the 1920’s when starlets mingled with millionaires at exclusive parties for [...]

The Beautiful Santa Monica

Perrys Beach Cafe & Rentals OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET One of the best parts of doing this show is that I get to invite my friends and family to be part of the experiences.  I don’t get the [...]

Bottles, Trains, Play and Airplanes

Travel Town Museum OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET The little guy who was with us at Travel Town was SOOOO excited to be there.  There was no doubt that he was completely in love with trains.  He [...]

Wild West Museums

Autry National Center OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET The two boys who joined us for the gold panning experience at the Autry were troopers!  It was a pretty warm day and both boys didn’t even let it [...]

Take in Sights and Get Active!

Griffith Observatory OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET We started our visit at the observatory, but spent most of our time exploring the amazing hiking paths that meandered throughout the area.  We [...]

Hollywood Movie Scene

Hollywood Museum OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET Our crew is just a big group of movie and TV buffs so it was pretty amazing to see all of the props and costumes at the Hollywood Museum.  I was [...]

On the Red Carpet

TCL Theatre OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET TCL Theatre is in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of Hollywood and attracts a LOT of tourists! We were definitely attracting some attention with [...]

Calling Art Lovers of all Ages

With several buildings and an outdoor sculpture garden, AVAM is another place in Baltimore where you can spend an entire day exploring. The exhibits were so creative and we even got the chance to [...]

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