Full Steam Ahead! How the Ship Operates

It was such a great opportunity to meet and speak with so many experts while on board the ship. From the captain to the engineer to the head chef, we were able to learn about the inner workings [...]

Turks and Caicos – Port of Call

We all looked forward to our visit to our port of call, Grand Turk, but we had different ideas about what we wanted to do once we got there! So, we took totally different approaches to our visit [...]

R&R on the Breeze

I am a huge fan of massages. Can we say deep tissue? Yes, please and for at least an hour! My job is fun, but it takes a toll on my body working 12 - 14 hour days for a week at a time.

Great Montreal Accommodations!

Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET The Fairmont Queen Elizabeth is one of the finest hotels I have had the pleasure of experiencing.  From the moment we entered the [...]

Eat Like a Local

Poutineville OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET Poutineville is a charming eatery with a fun twist!  The girls, crew and I enjoyed making our own versions of poutine, a Quebec signature dish of fries, [...]

Not Your Typical Tours in Montreal

Saute Moutons (Jet Boat Tour) OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET If you like the thrill of a jet boat and are comfortable getting soaked to the bone, then this tour is for you!  It was a really fun [...]

Montreal for the Sports Fanatic Family

Montreal Canadiens Hall of Fame OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET We were very thankful to have the Flaherty family join us for our visit to the Montreal Canadiens Hall of Fame.  The Flaherty boys [...]

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