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Month: November 2013


Food Lovers on Parade: the Wonder of Food Tours

I LOVE FOOD! So a food tour is right up my alley! We were trying to get to three locations during the shoot, but we only made it to two.
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Keeping In Touch While On Board

For our job, it is important that we keep connected. We had a WIFI package that we used to post our social media content and check emails.
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Full Steam Ahead! How the Ship Operates

It was such a great opportunity to meet and speak with so many experts while on board the ship. From the captain to the engineer to the head chef, we were able to learn about the inner workings of the cruise ship and how their work brings the ship to life.
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Turks and Caicos – Port of Call

We all looked forward to our visit to our port of call, Grand Turk, but we had different ideas about what we wanted to do once we got there! So, we took totally different approaches to our visit and everyone had a great time.
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Don’t just sit there – Get up and get active!

We took full advantage of the SportsSquare as an entire family. The outdoor activity area offered miniature golf, foosball tables, ping pong and a giant chess set.
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Culinary Escapades on the High Seas

Our crew likes to eat…a lot! The best part about a cruise is the huge variety that is offered and we enjoyed sampling a little bit of everything.
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R&R on the Breeze

I am a huge fan of massages. Can we say deep tissue? Yes, please and for at least an hour! My job is fun, but it takes a toll on my body working 12 - 14 hour days for a week at a time.
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Great Montreal Accommodations!

Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET The Fairmont Queen Elizabeth is one of the finest hotels I have had the pleasure of experiencing.  From the moment we entered the lobby area, we knew that The Fairmont Queen Elizabeth was going to offer an extraordinary experience.  The service was impeccable, the rooms
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Eat Like a Local

Poutineville OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET Poutineville is a charming eatery with a fun twist!  The girls, crew and I enjoyed making our own versions of poutine, a Quebec signature dish of fries, gravy and cheese curds.  At Poutineville, diners can choose their toppings from a long list making it completely suited to their personal
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Shark Walk: Behind the Scenes with the National Aquarium

Talk about VIP treatment! The staff at the aquarium led our group on a fantastic behind the scenes experience with the sharks. We wish we had time to see even more exhibits, but now we have a good excuse to go back!
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Not Your Typical Tours in Montreal

Saute Moutons (Jet Boat Tour) OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET If you like the thrill of a jet boat and are comfortable getting soaked to the bone, then this tour is for you!  It was a really fun tour, but it was educational too.  We learned quite a bit about the area’s history, culture and
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Education Locations for Kids in Montreal

Space for Life – Insectarium and Biodome OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET Julia Gabriel from Nugglemama’s Handful and her family met up with us for adventures at the Biodome and the Insectarium.  I have to say, this is one of the most spontaneous families I have ever worked with and the kids kept up their energy for
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Montreal for the Sports Fanatic Family

Montreal Canadiens Hall of Fame OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET We were very thankful to have the Flaherty family join us for our visit to the Montreal Canadiens Hall of Fame.  The Flaherty boys really know their hockey!  They could rattle off the names of former and current players as if they were talking about
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