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Month: November 2017


Food Lovers on Parade: the Wonder of Food Tours

I LOVE FOOD! So a food tour is right up my alley! We were trying to get to three locations during the shoot, but we only made it to two.
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  It’s always important to be educated before entering an airport. How many bags can you check? What does your child need to do at security? Where is your gate? Answering all simple questions before going to an airport can make your experience all the more pleasant. Not only should you educate yourself, but take
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Kids can be unpredictable, especially in a new and busy place like an airport. The most important thing to remember about going to the airport with kids is to be prepared for anything. The key is to keep them comfortable, and many airports can actually help make that possible. Some airports offer complimentary play areas,
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Traveling through the airport can be tough, especially when you’re with your family. Thankfully, airports everywhere are offering tons of amenities and services to make your stay a breeze. Here are a few tips and tricks that can help you and your family survive the airport so you can get to your dream destination with
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Tripping Over Hong Kong

When planning a trip to Hong Kong, or as the native Chinese prefer to say…”HK”, one may be overwhelmed by all the delightful sights to see and all the dozens of things to do there. One may even find one self tripping over all the possibilities. For those of us who would prefer a more
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