Summer is a perfect time to take your family fishing! Here are some of our favorite tips for keeping the kids happy on a fishing trip, while easing stress for the adults.


1. Make it adventurous!
Remember that this trip is for the kids. To avoid boredom, try going to a small pond instead of using a boat. This way the kids can run around the pond if they lose interest in fishing. Give them some time to wade in the water, skip stones and maybe even catch a frog or two.

2. Pack a pair of pants and a sweatshirt or long sleeve shirt
Even if it is hot outside, bring long pants and a long sleeve shirt to prevent contact with bugs. Speaking of clothes, bring extra! Kids are messy without a pond and dirt. You’ll want an extra set of clothes to change into once your adventure is done.

3. You will lose something!
Kids are masters at losing things or breaking things, so parents must be the masters at keeping things together. Be wise with the toys that the kids want to bring out near the water. If it isn’t waterproof and doesn’t float, don’t let them bring it!

4. Stay clean and dry
Always have some hand sanitizer or hand wipes with you to stay clean and germ free. Also bring towels to dry off after a long day of playing in the water.

5. Freeze!
Be sure to pack plenty of cold water and fun fishing snacks. Some snacks could include frozen grapes. They keep everything in your cooler cold and are also a refreshing snack. An entertaining way to keep your beverages cold is to freeze some Swedish fish in ice trays, and drop them into your water or lemonade when you are ready for a refreshing drink.

6. Spray it
If you’re planning to spend the day fishing, you’ll need to protect yourself from bugs and the sun. In addition to spraying bug repellant on your skin, spray it on your clothes, because bugs around water can be plentiful and persistent. Also remember to pack sunscreen and reapply throughout the day, especially if your kids take a dip in the water.


7. Don’t forget rubber gloves
Kids can wear rubber gloves when handling fish or anything else they catch in the water. This will help keep them clean while allowing them to enjoy the little creatures they catch. And if they’re worried about touching something slimy, gloves might give them a little extra nerve for an up-close encounter.

8. Empty coffee containers
Bring a couple of empty coffee containers and fill them up with the lake or pond water. The kids will have a little spot to put any fish they catch or creatures they find while scavenging around the pond, so they can admire them later. Just remember to release the fish and animals before you head home.

9. Games
Pack some waterproof card games like Spot It or Uno H2O To Go! These are fun games to play while taking a snack break. Also try a scavenger hunt. Write down a couple of ideas and send the kids searching.

10. Don’t have expectations
Realize that sometimes things don’t go as planned, and that’s ok! Have some backup plans in case the fish aren’t biting. For instance, pack some nets and let the kids try to catch a minnow or a frog. Small fishing nets and butterfly nets are the perfect tool for this activity. What your kids will remember most of all is the time spent in the great outdoors making memories with their family.

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