The Greenway is a scenic pathway for biking, running and strolling near Clew Bay in County Mayo. The Greenway is built on top of an old railway track that ran along the water from Westport to Achill. If you are looking for good place to get some exercise with an extraordinary view, check out the Greenway.

I had the best time riding bikes with some families on the Greenway and filming the experience had some fun twists and turns.

The Clew Bay Bike Hire knows what they are doing. The owners got us all fitted out with helmets and the proper sized bikes before taking us in their van to a scenic area of the Greenway, about 10 minutes west of Newport. The kids rode around while the crew got set up to film the segment.

To film it properly, we had to get creative with our camera crew….and you guessed it! They had to ride in the bike trailers! All for the good of the shoot!

One of the little guys stayed back with his grandfather and read the maps. He was too cute for words!

We started to get a little nervous when it started to rain while we were out on the Greenway. We had a bunch of kids with us and shelter, even the van, was pretty far away. Luckily, the rain was short lived and we were happily rewarded with the most beautiful rainbow that went completely from one side to the other. The only thing that would have made the day more perfect would have been to find that pot of gold! We will count all of the blessings we do have!

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