As soon as we arrived in Ireland, we went straight to Newport, County Mayo.  It is the home of my ancestors and a place where we have many family members and friends.  They all gathered together to welcome our whole crew and make us feel at home.  Everywhere we turned, we were met with pure Irish hospitality.

<brrd cousin, Grace Kelly, owned a home in Newport, Ireland.  My sister and I met with some of the local Grace Kelly experts to learn more.
Inside the pub Grainne Uaile, named after the local legend, Grace O’Malley, the Pirate Queen.  They served the best seafood chowder and muscles.
The route to my grandfather’s house was pretty muddy.  If you didn’t have wellies (tall boots) you were in trouble!

A kind neighbor helps us wash off our wellies.

We met the Kelly Brothers, local butchers who produce award winning sausage.
Some of the singers from Westport Coda, an incredible vocal group.

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