1. Freeze your gym membership: for the summer months and get outside. Take your kids biking, hiking, running, kayaking, swimming, and share with them the beauty of the outdoors!
  2. Close your blinds on hot days: and open them on cooler, sunny days. Reduces the amount of energy you exhaust from air conditioning and heat.
  3. Walk or bike to school with your kids: (or schedule a carpool with other parents) to save the amount of fuel you burn on a regular basis.
  4. Get a reusable water bottle: for everyone in your family and use filtered water from home as opposed to burning through bottled waters.
  5. Go digital (paperless): on everything from books to music to newspapers to magazines to event invites to bills to coupons to gift certificates.
  6. Use cold water when washing clothes: and use half of the recommended detergent. Your clothes will still get clean and colors won’t fade. Hang dry your clothes if possible and avoid clothing that requires dry cleaning.
  7. Set your thermostat a few degrees higher this summer: and a few degrees lower in the winter. No indoor sweaters this summer!
  8. Unplug appliances: when you’re not using them or use a “smart” power strip.
  9. Quality over quantity: Invest in higher-quality products and toys. The earlier your products and toys stop working, the more waste you create replacing them.
  10. Share. Connect with family and friends to share books, toys, clothes, and anything your kids will adore. Hand-me-downs save a lot of energy and money!

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