Who doesn’t love the beach? The swift, blowing winds take the tension and worry away from you. The luring sunrises and sunsets present elegant and mesmerizing scenes. Beaches are probably the most visited places during the summer in many countries. Many families visit the beach to enjoy the summer holidays. The children play for hours building sandcastles and playing with beach balls or volleyballs. This article lists the best countries with the most scenic beaches. These beaches attract thousands of visitors and tourists each year.

Staying in the home since March has made our life quite boring and tiresome. People are longing for any slight traveling opportunity to overcome this mundanity. People long for the summer holidays to spend hours on the sandy beaches with crystal blue water.  If you are planning to visit beautiful beaches this summer, these countries offer the most scenic and romantic beaches that one could wish for.

1. Fiji

You will find stunning turquoise water and attractive coral reefs in this part of the world. Fiji is loaded with clear, white sand and is among the most popular wedding and honeymoon destination throughout the whole world. You will find hundreds of small islets and tropical islands here. Cove Beach and Vatulele Island are considered a couple of the most attractive places in Fiji.

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2. England

England is home to some of the most beautiful beaches. You would find clear and white sandy coasts in the countryside. The most beautiful places to visit in Cornwall include turquoise water beaches and beautiful botanical gardens. You’ll find Crosby beach in the west of Liverpool, and Rhossili beach in the outskirts of Wales.

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3. Spain

Spain offers some of the most fantastic beaches. Most people assume that tourists only visit this country for its historical places or its football culture. However, this is not the case. Apart from roaming the streets of Barcelona and Madrid, the country is loaded with beautiful beaches with clear blue water. You will find beautiful hotels and grand holiday resorts.

The Balearic Islands are occupied with attractive rocks that form Playa de las Catedrales. Here, you’ll find a surreal, never-ending coastline.

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4. Australia

The sixth largest country by area is packed with beautiful beaches of all the types. The countryside is stacked with beaches of almost every kind including glassy beaches, cave beaches, sandy, and seashells beaches. You will also find some of the largest coral reefs with beautiful tropical clear white sand. Fraser Island and Bondi beach are some of the most stunning, to name a few.

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5. The Philippines

Imagine finding up to 7,000 islands in a single country. The beaches here are notoriously beautiful and among some of the most visited around the world. The main tourist attractions are the El Nido and Panglao Islands. You’ll find numerous wedding couples roaming on these islands enjoying the tropical white sands.

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The bottom line – you will find amazing beaches in the mentioned countries.

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