We had such a lovely day in Westport. We started with sipping tea and dodging the rain.  Luckily it cleared up in the afternoon to get in a bike ride on the beautiful Greenway and then a roll down a hill in a zorb!  The night ended with Matt Molloy at his famous pub, a pint of Guinness in hand!
A view from the center of Westport’s shopping area.
Getting out of the rain to enjoy a nice cup of tea at a Westport Tea Shop.
We rented bikes from Clew Bay Bike Hire to go biking with a family on the Greenway, a bike path that runs along Clew Bay.
Getting into a zorb at Westport House Adventures!  I felt like my daughters’ hamster going around and around!
My cousin Orla and I having a pint with Matt Molloy of the musical group, The Chieftains.

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