I tend to carry a pretty big purse and sometimes even have a small purse inside of that!  I never leave home without having the following things in my bag…you wouldn’t necessarily think to bring all of these along, but you certainly should especially before hitting the road on a family vacation.

A Little Sewing Kit – Grab one from the pharmacy or grocery store on your way to the airport- you never know when a needle and thread        can come in handy, as well as a safety pin.
A Mini First Aid Kit – Band-aids, itch cream, Dramamine…these are indispensable travel quick-fixes, the oldies but goodies!
A Carabiner Clip – Remember, “hands-free” is not just for your smartphone. These clips are great for hooking a small bag onto your suitcase or backpack so you can walk about with ease.
Mini Flashlight – Some can be attached to your keychain. Handy if you lost something under a seat on the plane, or under a dark restaurant booth. Or if you drop an earring. The list goes on…
Deck Of Cards – Whether it’s solitaire for one, or gin rummy for the gang- a quick game of cards is always a fun way to kill a few spare minutes.

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