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With the holidays approaching, it’s that time of year when family travel is inevitable. You are probably thinking of booking your holiday flights, browsing baby travel gadgets and products, and making your travel lists. If you are–then great! Props to you for thinking ahead. 


The list of baby travel gadget essentials below were also discussed on the Round Trip with Colleen Kelly radio show and podcast! Take a listen here.


The Dearest Grey: Silicone Stack Up

Dearest Grey Silicone Stack Cups, all stacked, from "Baby Travel Gadget List 2022"
Unstacked Dearest Grey Silicone Stack Cups, from "Baby Travel Gadget List 2022"

Ever since the pandemic, airport travel has gotten even more complicated. Add traveling with a baby or toddler…and you’ve got a lot to juggle. What do you do when your little one gets fussy at the airport? You’re going to need something to put in their hands to distract and keep them occupied and happy. It seems so simple, but the reason these stack cups work is that…well, they’re stackable. Not only easy to stow away in your suitcase, but you can bring as many or a little as you need or can fit. Plus, these Silicone Stackups from The Dearest Grey are specifically soft and flexible, which helps when you need a little wiggle room for the many baby travel items you are packing. Let them play with them in the airport and when you reach your destination. Plus, stacking cups help them improve their small motor skills, as well as their hand-eye coordination. It’s a win-win!


KeaBabies: My Little Dreamy Pillow Toddler Pillows

My Little Dreamy Pillow, from "Baby Travel Gadget List 2022"

Another great baby travel essential for both road trips and flights, this pillow is not only safe for sensitive skin, but it’s also soft. A comfortable baby is a happy baby! It’s 13’’ by 18’’, small enough to attach to your luggage or throw in a travel bag. And apart from the adorable baby patterns that you can choose from, they are quite honestly great for adults, too. Not a bad idea when you’re not a fan of the usual travel neck pillows. (You can buy them in a solid color if you’re using it yourself and don’t want unicorns or dinosaurs…although, could be fun!) 


Tip: If you are not traveling with a baby or toddler and you are planning on taking a long flight that may require you to sleep overnight, get a window seat, then use this travel pillow to lean against the wall of the plane. It’ll be much more plush and comfortable than the pillow that airlines usually provide you.


LectroFan Alpha Sound Machine

LectroFan Alpha Sound Machine, from "Baby Travel Gadget List 2022"

This is another product that you could easily buy for both yourself and your baby or toddler. A sound machine is great for anyone who likes napping with background noise. On the other hand, it’s also helps to drown out any outside noises you aren’t used to–like that noisy hotel wall neighbor or snoring travel buddy…(We’ve all been there!). Of course, it’s additionally soothing for babies that are having a hard time being put down for a nap when in a new place. 


The best part? It’s small enough to pack away. It has a built-in battery and comes with the USB cable necessary to charge it–but you can also use any ordinary USB, which is pretty easy to find or borrow from a friend. It’s also not going to die on you, as it lasts 40 hours at normal volume! You can pick your preferred sound, from ocean waves to standard static. It even has a heartbeat sound that babies might like the best.


Grabease Ergonomic Utensils with Travel Case

Grabease Ergonomic Utensils with Travel Case, from "Baby Travel Gadget List 2022"

Put this on your baby packing list when you know you’re going to be out and about eating food, whether at the airport, in the car, or at your final destination. It’s obviously environmentally friendly being reusable, but the reason these are perfect for travel is that they come with their own travel case. Use it up, throw it in the case, and worry about washing it once you find a sink later! 


This patented ergonomic safe self-feeding utensil is recommended by occupational therapists. Get this product for kids who are just beginning to learn how to handle and grasp a fork and spoon on their own–it comes with a choke protection shield, so you don’t have to have that extra worry about them when your attention is diverted during your travels. 


Gladly Family: Anthem4™ 4-Seater All-Terrain Wagon Stroller

Anthem4™ 4-seater All-Terrain Wagon Stroller, from "Baby Travel Gadget List 2022"

You might be thinking, “why in the world is a big wagon stroller on a baby travel gear list?” This may not be the thing you’re bringing for air travel, but it’s definitely something to invest in for fall family travel and transportation. ‘Tis the season for pulling the kids through pumpkin patches and apple orchards–as well as for taking them house to house for Trick or Treating on Halloween!


This wagon has all the bells and whistles. Extra large canopies with mesh inserts and sun/wind/rain protection, a mattress that comes with the purchase, and 3-point safety harnesses for each of the four seats. That’s right, it fits up to four 50 lbs children! This will last even as your kids grow. It’s easy to fold and store flat, has interior storage pockets, and cup holders. This is going to be with you through the cold season, taken on all kinds of terrains.


Tip: Although it’s a bit expensive, the company provides gift cards on their site: Ask family and friends to donate to this travel gadget instead of getting a separate gift during holiday gift giving! In turn, if you have someone in your life who might find this wagon stroller useful, purchase the gift card and give them the recommendation!



This is just one of several lists that you’ll find online about baby travel essentials. There are now so many products out there that you can choose from. How do you decide what to purchase? Sometimes you just have to start somewhere–try out a few baby and toddler gadgets, and assess what works best for you, your child, and your travel style. The products above give a wide range of options for different baby travel needs, so give them a go!

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