If you are traveling to Chicago, or are fortunate to live in this beautiful city, there’s a hot spot celebrating their 55th Anniversary in the restaurant industry. Benihana Chicago offers great food, entertainment and fun located along the Magnificent Mile in downtown Chicago.

Benihana Chicago, located in the iconic John Hancock building, features a sushi bar, cocktail lounge, 22 teppanyaki tables, and an outdoor patio where guests can enjoy fresh sashimi, sushi and refreshing specialty cocktails.

Whether you are looking to enjoy a holiday lunch, dinner or celebrate a special occasion, this restaurant continues to fill family nights with culinary entertainment, delicious food and a vibrant experience that you and the family won’t forget!

Recently, my family and I had the pleasure of dining at Benihana Chicago. The ambience was a mix of a peaceful, zen-like space combined with celebrations surrounding you and the other guests. This restaurant makes a normal family night out feel like a celebration of food, family and life.


In honor of their 55th Anniversary this year, Benihana has curated a list of “55 Reasons to Indulge your Benihana Crave” and after visiting their Chicago location these are my 5 favorite reasons that really made my family and me crave another visit to their restaurant:

1. “Full of Flavor. Every cut of meat we use is lean, tender and full of flavor, making it ideal for grilling.”

Especially with a big family, it’s great when you can find a restaurant that has something for everyone. At Benihana, there was a wide variety of food on the menu. Each dish was filled with so many delicious sauces and flavors – we couldn’t pick a favorite! Even better, these were huge portions with the best flavors of sweet and spicy. Plus, everything was super fresh!


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2. “Sweet Treats. Our six-course meals include ice cream or sherbet for dessert.”

We ended up indulging in a bit of these delicious desserts. My husband and I found them sinful but very worth it! The kids couldn’t help but rave about the sherbet they can’t find anywhere else. It’s a perfect end to a delicious meal at Benihana!



3. “The experience at Benihana is unlike any other. A high-energy, entertaining dining event excites the senses and culminates into a delicious meal.”

Chicago is well known for their delicious food. Sometimes there is a cost factor when it comes to taking the whole family out to dinner downtown.  Some restaurants can be super fancy, over priced and the portions small. At Benihana Chicago, their dishes had great portions with very reasonable pricing.


4. “Performing Magic. A few of our chefs even perform “magic” by making eggs or lemons multiply or disappear right before guests’ eyes.”

The grilling “magic” grabbed the kids’ attention and made cooking fun for them to watch and learn more about the culinary arts. The staff there were extremely friendly and very accommodating to us and  everyone dining in that night. The energy made our experience such a positive one.

5. “Bring the kids! We’re all about creating great memories for our guests, and that includes the kids! That’s why we developed our Kabuki Kids program, designed to celebrate our younger guests and encourage their love of high-quality food.”

The kids were entertained the entire meal with the “magic” surrounding them. In addition, my husband and I had a very enjoyable time taking the kids to a restaurant that left them and us full of great food and generated an excitement that made us want to come back very soon!

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