El Charro's outdoor seating area in Tucson, Arizona

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Hungry in Arizona? Why the long face?! Enjoying the local flavors of the southwest is an absolutely must for anyone who vacations in the area. We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite food spots to grab a bite – here are some of the best places to eat in Tucson, Arizona! 



El Charro

Established in 1922, El Charro Café of Tucson, Arizona is the nation’s oldest Mexican Restaurant in continuous operation by the same family. The family vibes carry through to the decor of the restaurant, as soon as visitors walk in they feel at home in the warm and comfortable atmosphere. The family owned and operated restaurant is perfect for breakfast, dinner, or even just stopping in for dessert.

El Charro's in Tucson Arizona authentic Mexican foodEl Charro features traditional Northern Mexico-Sonoran style and innovative Tucson-style Mexican Food. Their extensive menu is sure to include crowd pleasing meals for every family member.

We loved the famous El Charro chimichanga – a burrito stuffed with meat, cheese and veggies, fried and topped with a special sauce. The chimichanga was invented at El Charro when Tia Monica Flin accidentally dropped a burrito into the frying pan. Thankfully her misstep gave way to a delicious culinary invention.

Chimichangas aren’t the only dish El Charro is known for, their famous Carne Secca draws visitors from far and wide. Dried in the Sonoran desert sun, their marinated lean angus beef is shredded & grilled with green chile, tomato & onions. features guacamole, pico salsa, calabacitas, arroz & frijoles refritos or charros, flour or corn tortillas.

Hub! Ice Cream

Yes, this list may cover all the best places to eat in Tucson, Arizona – but that definitely doesn’t exclude dessert! Need a break from the heat? Stop into HUB! Ice Cream Factory for dessert in the desert.

Their 300 hand-crafted flavors, with 24 choices available at a time make each Hub! experience unique. Along with delicious ice cream, Hub! also features house made treats such as cookies, whoopie pies, choco tacos, popsicles and more. Perfect to beat the heat!

Little Anthony’s Diner

If you’re looking for a cool retro feel in the desert, Little Anthony’s is the place for you. Kids will love the decor and it’s perfect for hard to entertain little one’s. Little Anthony’s menu features an extensive list quintessential diner food, guaranteed to have something for everyone. They have trivia questions and check their website for a list of dates for their classic car shows! This picturesque family restaurant is a must visit on your trip to Tucson.

Bobo’s Restaurant

If you’re looking for warm, inviting comfort food in Tucson, Arizona look no further than Bobo’s Restaurant. Bobo’s provides home style and country breakfasts, and they deliver from Speedway and Swan to Ft. Lowell and Campbell. The comfort and breakfast world is your oyster at Bobo’s. They offer breakfast, pancakes, omelettes, sandwiches, burgers, hot lunches, salads and soups, sides, beverages, and more! They also have an early bird special (Monday to Friday before 8 AM ) – 2 eggs with home fries and toast. In addition to comforting food, Bobo’s offers friendly service that makes patrons feel at home. The prices combines with the environment make this a great stop for kids and large families.

This article was written by Audrey Palumbo.

El Charro's outdoor seating area in Tucson, Arizona
The outdoor seating area at El Charro

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