Diamond Jamboree Irvine is a one-stop shop for family-friendly food!

Dining in Irvine

Have you ever felt overwhelmed thinking about mealtime during a family vacation and thought there was no way the whole family could find something they love? You won’t have to worry about that at the Diamond Jamboree Irvine! The food center is representative of the unique Southern California community and brings many different global cuisines together in one easy-to-access place.

Diamond Jamboree Irvine is a one-stop shop for family-friendly food!

While Diamond Jamboree Irvine is a popular destination for different types of Asian Cuisine (such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Taiwanese), they also have Greek and Mediterranean eateries, cafés with sweets and pastries, BBQ, and shops that offer sandwiches, ice cream and more.

Diamond Jamboree also has a ton of sweet shops and ice cream places!

Asian eateries in the Diamond Jamboree Irvine include the 85ºC Bakery Café, Paper Lantern Dim Sum, Ajisen Ramen, BCD Tofu, Chae Bahn Korean Restaurant, Chef Hung Noodles, Guppy Tea House Café, Kula Revolving Sushi Bar, Lollicup Coffee & Bubble Tea, Papaya Thai Bistro, SWSH Shabu Shabu & Sake Bar, and Tokyo Table.

There is truly no better place to go if you are looking for variety and a unique dining experience!


Dining in Dana Point

Bourbon Steak Salmon

For dining in Dana Point, check out Bourbon Steak Orange County. This upscale steak house offers a variety of high-end dinner options. One of our personal favorites was the salmon (pictured). The sides, including the truffle mac and cheese, are also exquisite. For adults, there’s a vast array of drinks and alcoholic beverages, including a martini bar that comes right to your table!

View from Bourbon Steak

Most importantly, you simply can’t beat the view! With perfect weather the majority of the time, it’s hard not to love sitting outdoors to enjoy your food. Bourbon Steak offers outdoor seating with a grand view of the resort grounds and palm trees. We sat for several hours, enjoy the gorgeous weather, delicious meal, and good company. And there’s no question; your meal will taste that much better with this spectacular view!


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