National Waterfront Museum: Oystermouth Road, Maritime Quarter, Swansea SA1 3RD, Wales

Swansea is a seaside town just west of Cardiff and is the second largest city in Wales. We could have shot an entire episode of Family Travel in Swansea with all of the fun outdoor activities that are offered in the region. If your family enjoys hiking, surfing and biking, look no further! In fact, Swansea was named one of the top ten most amazing beaches in the world by Trip Advisor. The area also offers cultural attractions such as a center in honor of Welsh poet and writer, Dylan Thomas, as well as the National Waterfront Museum.

Wales_National_Waterfront_Museum_SwanseaThe National Waterfront Museum is a newer establishment and is a wonderful place to take the family for a day. Here, you will learn about the industrial history of Wales. It focuses on the innovation of the maritime quarter over a period of around 300 years. We met with an interpreter who impressed upon me how important it is for children to understand their country’s history. In fact, he said each one of us is a part of history, with unique perspectives based on our individual experiences. So we have a responsibility to make a positive impact today for our actions will impact the future. Pretty powerful when you think about it!

The National Waterfront Museum encourages kids to interact with the many hands on exhibits throughout the museum. There’s a nice mix of traditional displays and new technology to keep visitors’ attention. The museum is a representation of Wales’ evolving industries; from a nation originally built on heavy industry to a modern country with high tech commerce. You might enjoy the display of products all made in Wales. Activities, crafts and workshops are offered for families as well, so there is plenty to keep you busy.

The National Waterfront Museum is part of a group of museums that are sponsored by the Welsh government. The museums are FREE for visitors and are located throughout the country. Each museum offers different themes from history to industry to art & culture. When you plan your family vacation in Wales, definitely include a visit to one of the National Museums.

Some Additional Tips & Fun Facts
• Admission is free for all ages.
• Children under 11 must be accompanied at all times.
• Actress Catherine Zeta Jones is from Swansea.
• Swansea’s Maritime Quarter has shops, hotels and restaurants.
• Swansea has a 5-mile bayside promenade for strolling, biking, etc.

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