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Packing for Disney? Make sure these items are on your list!

It’s not uncommon for families to over pack when getting ready for a trip to Walt Disney World, especially if you’ve never been there and don’t know what to expect. It’s a hassle to have unnecessary items weighing down your bag, but it can be even worse to forget some conveniences from home that you might need while you’re away. To avoid this, use a packing list. Obviously, this helps you make sure you don’t forget anything. But it also can come in handy when it’s time to pack for the trip home – refer to your list so that every special toy or t-shirt makes it back.

Here are some items to be sure to include on your list. Many of these are things that you’ll want to bring from home because they are expensive to replace while in the parks or at a resort.

  • Sunscreen. I know it sounds obvious, but you might be surprised how fast you go through a bottle of sunscreen while exploring the parks or lounging at the pool in the hot Florida sun. Pack enough for everyone traveling to apply and reapply multiple times throughout the day. The markup on sunscreen sold on site is quite high, so plan ahead.
  • Camera batteries. If your camera needs batteries, bring extra. Or make sure you have those chargers.
  • More than one pair of shoes per person. If you alternate each day, your feet will be much happier.
  • Pain relievers and other medications. They can be especially expensive on site.
  • Ziplocs. Pack your swimsuit in your carry-on so that if your luggage is lagging, you can still do something fun. For the trip home, put the suit in the Ziploc so your bag stays dry.
  • Extra socks to keep in your day pack. If anyone goes on a water ride or jumps in a fountain, you’ll be prepared.
  • Autograph books! Collecting autographs from the characters becomes a fun mission for the kids as you explore the parks.
  • Extra snacks and water from home or a nearby grocery store. Disney does allow outside food to be brought in the parks. This will help you keep picky eaters happy, and it will save you money in the long run.
  • If you have children who are going to want souvenirs, you can pre-buy and stash stuff, then surprise them while on your trip. Visit your local dollar store; many of them carry Disney items. This will cost a lot less than buying trinkets at Disney stores on site. Plus, do you really want to spend your valuable Disney vacation waiting for your kids to find just the right thing on the souvenir shelves?

I hope these packing suggestions are helpful. Have a magical vacation!

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