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Thinking of taking a vacation but can’t decide on where to go? Then why not take a cruise? By taking a cruise, you can travel to different locations, all while getting to enjoy the luxury and amenities that the ship has to offer. We stowed away on a Caribbean cruise from MSC Cruises and were able to explore so many fun and interesting places. While we had fun on the ship, we wanted to enjoy the culture of the surrounding area, so we booked an excursion. These excursions allow guests to book special trips ashore as part of an extra package. If you really want to make the most of your trip, I highly recommend booking an excursion.

Departing from Miami, we set sail for Ochos Rios, Jamaica. Once an old fishing village, Ochos Rios has become a major tourist destination. With its beautiful beaches, mountains, and rainforest surrounding it, this might be the last place you would think to go bobsledding. However, Ochos Rios is home to Mystic Mountain Bobsledding. Inspired by the 1988 Jamaican Olympic four-man bobsled team, Mystic Mountain allows guests to ride 2,780 ft of twists and turns down the mountain. Talk about a rush!

Photo of Jamaica bobsledding ride

While in Ochos Rios, be sure to make time to check out Dunn’s River Falls. One of the only ones of its kind in the Carribean, Dunn’s River Falls is unlike most waterfalls. As most waterfalls erode away, Dunn’s River is able to regenerate itself from deposits of travertine rock. For those who feel adventurous, you can climb up the falls in a human chain, lead by a guide. But don’t worry, the falls offer plenty of safe vantage points and decks for those who feel less adventurous.

After a fun adventure in Jamaica, we decided to book an excursion in Cozumel as well. This time we wanted to take in some rays. And while it is always nice to get some sun, what we really wanted to do was swim with stingrays. As part of our excursion, we got to enjoy swimming with and feeding these friendly and majestic creatures in three feet of crystal clear water. This experience is minimally invasive and very educational. Just be sure to watch your step whenever in the water, as stingrays likes to bury themselves under the sand.

These excursions are truly amazing and allow your family to experience these different places and activities all for a fraction of the cost. And while you can always book your excursion while on the cruise, my advice is to book them ahead of time so you aren’t scrambling for something to do last minute. Plus as an added bonus, you can always reschedule or cancel your excursions at any time. Take this advice and you’ll see that traveling by sea is the way to be.

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