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This is your simple, quick-hit list of essentials for fall camping equipment!

Fall camping is a great way to immerse yourself in the splendor of the breathtaking fall foliage with fewer crowds. The weather might not be as warm and cozy as in the summer months, but don’t let that stand in the way of witnessing the changing fall colors. With extra preparation and the right fall camping gear, you can make your fall camping experience a more pleasant one.

Although the fall camping experience as a whole is truly unparalleled, given the spectacular display of leaves bursting into oranges, reds, and yellows, there are a few challenges that you should be prepared for. You have to think ahead about what camping equipment is needed to face the inclement weather, cold, and shorter daylight hours.

With that in mind, we’ve compiled this fall camping gear guide to give you an insight into what to pack for a fun-filled camping vacation.


The Fall Camping Gear Checklist

Camping equipment for the fall is similar to that needed in the summer, with a few key additions. A few of the items we consider indispensable for any fall camping trip are listed below.


A Three-Season Tent

A three-season tent is ideal for keeping the moisture out, and it comes with a waterproof rainfly and ample interior space. They are specially designed for use in spring, summer, and fall to provide protection against rain and wind.



As the weather can be unpredictable, always make sure to bring an extra tarp to set up over the rainfly. A tarp is a great backpacking gear because it is lightweight and easily packable.



Make sure to buy a tent footprint or groundsheet if one is not included. A tent footprint is extremely important to get extra protection from dampness and mud, as well as against mold and mildew.


A Cold-Weather Sleeping Bag

When buying a cold-weather sleeping bag, make sure to buy one that is labeled for at least below 10ºF. If you get cold easily, a sleeping bag liner can add some warmth to your sleeping bag.


An Insulated Sleeping Pad

An insulated sleeping pad is essential to protect yourself from cold and wetness. The higher the R-value of the sleeping pad is, the more it resists heat loss and insulates both you and your sleeping bag from the cold ground. We recommend buying a sleeping pad with an R-value of 4 or higher for fall camping.


Extra Blankets

Don’t forget to add some extra blankets to your fall camping checklist. They are crucial for providing that additional warmth and keeping you cozy during those cold fall nights.


Sit Pads

Sit pads are popular hiking gear, and they’re also great for fall camping. You can put them on your camping chair or on the floor to sit comfortably without getting dirty or wet.


Headlamps and Lanterns

Since the nights are longer and the daylight is shorter in the fall months, bringing headlamps and lanterns is a must for fall camping. A headlamp is an excellent tool because it allows you to keep both hands free while working in low-light conditions. Plus, they are also helpful when lighting a fire or taking nighttime bathroom breaks!



Now you are all set to make those fall camping travel plans you had for 2022 happen. With these fall camping gear on hand, fall camping will never be a misery again!


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