Living in a world of constant change is both inspiring and exciting. We are always looking into the latest and greatest innovations in tech and figuring out how we can incorporate them into our travels. Tech lovers, this one’s for you! Check out some of our can’t miss, favorite travel gadgets that we think you should know about for 2017!


Photo courtesy of Trevor Morrow Travel

1.    Blue Smart Suitcase

If you haven’t heard of Blue Smart Suitcases before, prepare yourselves. This all-in-one suitcase was deemed the “iPhone of luggage” by BBC and we couldn’t agree more! Blue Smart Suitcase was created to be your ultimate travel buddy. Say goodbye to lost luggage and hello to a peace of mind! The suitcase is equipped with bluetooth, 3G cellular data, and GPS to allow you to track your luggage anywhere around the world. Through the app, you can control your suitcase’s built in lock which will automatically lock as soon as it leaves your side. Some other key features include a built in USB port for charging your phone, a built in scale, and easy access compartments.


Photo courtesy of Gadizmo

2.    COWAROBOT Suitcase

If the previous suitcase wasn’t impressive enough, say hello to the COWAROBOT R1 suitcase. Carrying your suitcase through the airport is quickly going out of style and COWAROBOT quickly solved that problem. This suitcase uses its built in depth, sonar, and cliff detection sensors to follow you on its own. It’s designed to sense your movement and even find its way back to you if you get too far away from it. The COWAROBOT R1 also has a built in USB port to keep your devices fully charged while on the go.


Photo courtesy of REI

3.    REI Digital Luggage Scale

There’s nothing worse than getting to the airport, realizing your luggage is over the weight limit, and getting hit with a hefty baggage fee. The REI Digital Luggage Scale can hold up to 90 lbs. Its small, sleek build makes it easy to transport and store while traveling. This must-have gadget will save you the time and money that overweight luggage will cost you in the future!


Photo courtesy of Distrimoon

4.    Tile

Unfortunately, it’s very common to lose valuable items while traveling with no hope of them being returned. If you’re somebody who easily misplaces things, Tile might be your saving grace. As one of the largest lost and found communities in the world, Tile keeps track of your items and notifies you with their location. Simply attach a Tile to your keys, wallet, or anything you’re bound to lose, and Tile will help you find it. The app makes the Tile device ring loudly until you find it, and can even track where you last had the lost item.


Photo courtesy of HiConsumption

5.    Golchi

The Golchi vacuum insulated bottle is the world’s first of its kind. It allows you to carry both hot and cold liquids at the same time, while also allowing you to adjust the size of the drinking spout to your desire. The bottle can be split into many different varieties depending on your use of it. Its leak-proof design is perfect for smoothies, snacks, or a combination of both!


Photo courtesy of Cult of Mac

6.    UE Speaker

The UE Roll2 speaker is perfect for those who enjoy taking music on their travels with them. The waterproof speaker is bluetooth friendly and able to support up to 8 devices at once. Its long range of 100 feet makes it easy to take the speaker away from your phone and enjoy music in the pool or at a get together. With a battery life of 9 hours at a time, you can enjoy the UE Speaker during all of your adventures throughout the day.


Photo courtesy of PC World

7.    Loop World Travel Adapter

If you plan on traveling internationally in 2017, the Loop World Travel Adapter will be your perfect travel buddy. This adapter works in over 150 countries around the world and allows you to charge up to 3 devices at a time with its dual USB ports. The Smart Power technology optimizes charge time for your devices, as well. Some other key features of the adapter include the lithium-ion battery, universal AC sockets, and safety shutters.

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