Planning a family road trip? Here are our five suggestions for making the kids happy, keeping your car clean and maintaining your sanity!

1. Travel Binder: To keep the kids busy and entertained, create a travel binder for them. Gather fun printable activities like Finger Twister and other road trip games and place them in a three-ring binder inside page protectors. Bring along dry-erase markers, so the kids can write all over the games again and again. Also add a few blank sheets of paper and a three-ring pencil pouch filled with crayons so they can color pictures of their own. In addition, include a map and your trip itinerary so everyone can monitor the road trip’s progress and be prepared for what’s coming next.muffin-liners

2. Muffin liners: This one is a life saver! We all know how dirty and sticky cup holders can get in our cars, especially after a long trip. Silicone muffin liners are the perfect tools to keep your cup holders clean and your little knick-knacks organized.

3. Shower Caddy: Shower caddies can organize your crafts and activities for the kids, toiletries and any cleaning supplies for the car all in one neat place. The caddies are also great for holding your food in the car. Place your burger, fries and drink in the little compartments to keep from spilling food all over your lap.

4. Art Supply Containers: Speaking of food, purchase one or two art supply containers to store some of your favorite snacks for the ride. The multiple compartments will allow you to organize different snacks for the kids to choose from. It beats having chips smashed in bags all over the floor of the car.snackcontainer -

5. Cereal Container: With all the snacks and treats that your kids will be munching on throughout the road trip, they will probably compile a lot of garbage. A plastic cereal container can be used as a mock garbage can. Line the container with a plastic bag and put the lid on. Open the top of the container when you need to throw some trash out.

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