It’s never too late to book a flight and travel to a foreign land with your family. The process of packing for your young one can be time consuming, since there are many aspects to consider. Before you completely freak out, here are some tips for a happy and stress-free flight while flying with infants or toddlers.


1) Choose the right plane seats

When it comes to selecting plane seats, it’s best to choose the first row in each section of the airplane. This way, parents are able to feel more comfortable with the extra leg room. It also provides easier access to bathroom facilities. For lengthier flights parents can let their young ones take a little stretch without going too far away from the seat.


2) Pack entertainment accessories

The most dreadful moment for a parent is when your young child throws a tantrum in a public place. Even worse is when they do it on a plane. Make sure your iPad or smartphone is loaded with their favorite movies and cartoons. It’s an easy way to entertain and distract your child from the continuous sitting. 


3) Dress comfortably

Pack a couple of layers of extra clothing for you and your young one in you carry-on bag for the flight. Planes can get very dry and cold, so a light hoodie or sweater will do the trick. Avoid those fancy outfits that are itchy or too tight. Layer on the soft snuggable material to stay comfortable. It will make your plane ride fuss-free.


4) Fun, healthy snacks

Cereals, dry fruits, and nuts are among the endless list of easy “grab and eat” snack for your little one. Stay away from snacks that are artificially flavored and colored to keep a healthy eating habit. Keep snacks that they enjoy in small serving size in Ziplocks for controlled portioning. This way they stay away from eating too much at a time. 


4) Stress-free traveling & happy parents

If you are happy your kids will be happy. Don’t ever forget that. No matter what is going on, remember to put a smile on your face and make them feel comfortable.  


Written by a guest contributor of Family Travel with Colleen Kelly.


Updated 9/15/23.


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