We heard that the Pensacola Lighthouse has some very special “residents” who like to haunt the lighthouse. And these residents let visitors know that they are sometimes willing to show themselves! We had to check it out for ourselves and we met Toni Patton of the blog A Daily Dose of Toni and her family as well as Cindy Marvel and her family who joined our crew for the unnerving visit!

It started off harmless enough with a tour of the Keeper’s Quarters of the lighthouse. We learned that the lighthouse had actually played a part in Civil War history. During that time, Florida was known as the storehouse of the Confederacy. There was actually a battle fought over the bay and cannons were fired. The lighthouse was hit and examples of the cannon balls are on display. During the tour we also learned about the role of the lighthouse keepers. That’s where the tour started to get a little creepy! When we got to the keepers’ bedrooms, we learned that there were some tragic happenings that took place. I don’t want to give away all of the secrets, but the story could raise the hair on your arms!

After the Keepers’ Quarters, we climbed the 177 steps to the top of the lighthouse where we were greeted by a volunteer who has had a LOT of experience with the ghosts at the lighthouse. He had some ghost hunting equipment with him that he used with the group to try and detect some of the ghosts’ presence. Let’s just say, it was a little freaky!

If your family is up for the haunting challenge, you might enjoy the tours offered at the lighthouse. The Light of the Moon tour takes place in the evening to give it a little more edge to the experience. Yikes! The Ghost Hunt tour is also offered so you can see for yourself why Pensacola Lighthouse is considered one of the most haunted lighthouses in America.

If you just want the experience of seeing the beautiful views from the lighthouse minus the ghosts, you will still enjoy the scenery at the top! The reward is worth the climb so don’t forget your camera! One tour you might want to seriously consider is the viewing of the Blue Angels practice from the catwalk of the lighthouse. You will practically be eye to eye with the pilots!

Lighthouse_3Some Additional Tips & Fun Facts
• The Pensacola Lighthouse is located on the Naval Air Station so I.D. is required for all adults.
• Per Coast Guard Safety Regulations backless/open toed shoes are not permitted to climb the tower stairs.
• Height minimum to climb the to the top of the tower is 44”
• Minimum age recommended is 7 years old
• The Haunted Tour might be best for kids 12+
• The Lighthouse is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Need More Ideas?
Veteran’s Memorial Park – 200 S. 10th Ave., Pensacola, FL 32502

A beautiful walk for the whole family located on the Pensacola Bay, the Veteran’s Memorial Park honors those that have fallen in war. Perhaps you can give your children a history lesson while paying tribute to these brave heroes!

Fort Barrancas – Pensacola Naval Air Station
Less than a five minute drive from the Pensacola Lighthouse you will find Fort Barrancas. Since it sits on a bluff overlooking the bay, the location is a natural spot for a fort. Tours are offered year round and there are also trails, a visitors center and picnic areas.

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