For new parents, travelling can be a challenge, whether it’s a road trip or a short-haul flight. If they’re young, Colleen Kelly recommends limiting your travel time to 4-6 hours or taking frequent breaks. However, adding a few key essentials to your shopping list can make your next journey stress-free. It’s all about packing smart and figuring out what your toddler needs to keep them happy. This way, you help ensure that every family holiday or long weekend is memorable for all the right reasons.

An Interactive Toy

To keep your toddler entertained on any long (or short) journey, there’s nothing like packing a few of their favorite toys. For two-year-olds, a Play-Doh kit is a fun classic guaranteed to improve their dexterity. It’s soft, non-toxic, and comes in a variety of different colors in portable packages. It’s all about nurturing creativity from a young age. Alternatively, Bright Starts Shake & Spin Activity Balls have different textures and make different sounds, which are great for an impromptu game of hide and seek. They’re also easy to transport and easy to locate if they roll around.

play-doh kit
The Strategist

A Versatile Pushchair

If you’re going to walk long distances, investing in a versatile pushchair will help you navigate through a busy airport or a long and winding country road without the need to swap models or leave it behind. An extensive guide to pushchairs by iCandy explains how you should search for one that’s easy to transport and maneuver around, especially if you plan on using public transport. Some models can also be converted to a double pushchair if you have more than one toddler or are expecting soon (which will save you money in the long run). As a bonus, you can store some essentials or shopping bags behind the pushchair if it has some extra storage space. If your pushchair is a new purchase, we highly recommend that you practice folding and unfolding it so prevent any roadblocks on your journey.

pushchair by icandy Stroller
From: iCandy

A 2-in-1 Changing Bag

Because toddlers these days require a lot of equipment, finding essentials that have multiple uses can save you from the burden of carrying all these items separately. POD’s Travel Changing Bag ticks all the boxes, by transforming from a changing bag to a fold-out crib. On a holiday, you can convert the travel cot to a cozy bed for naptime. It’s even got some poles to secure the sides and keep it stable. For optimal comfort, it comes with a padded mattress and an easy-to-clean fabric for any accidental spills.

pod changing convertible bag
From: Made for Mums

A Blackout Blind

Some toddlers have difficulties falling asleep in unfamiliar locations. To ease their struggle, investing in a portable blackout blind or two can block out harsh light and make bedtime much easier. The DADventure discusses how the Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind fits a variety of windows, is easy to fold and unfold, and can simply be attached to any glass surface due to the suction cups on each side. It’s also a great way to save your toddler from the harsh UV rays of the sun and to block out any distracting stimuli.

Gro Anywhere Blackout blinds

Some other items to take with you on your next travel adventure include a portable snack or two and loads of wet wipes. Toddlers are forever getting into messes and finding ways to cater to their every need will make it a headache-free time for everyone involved. By investing in a few high-quality essentials, you’re guaranteed to be more prepared than ever when it’s finally time to travel.

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