During our stay in Quebec City we were lucky enough to visit Les Secrets Nordique.  It was here we learned a skill that not too many Americans can claim to know; dog-sledding.  After a brief, but thorough, training session we hit the trails with a sled led by these amazing animals.  The highly-trained staff at Les Secrets Nordique work to ensure the safety of the visitors, as well as the quality of life of the dogs, making this experience a great way to spend time with the family outdoors, while learning something truly unique. Not to mention getting to spend a few hours with these sweet, beautiful dogs!



Many times what makes a vacation special is the wonderful people you meet along the way. Quebec was no exception. One of the many beauties of the people of Quebec City is their tremendous sense of community. This strong camaraderie could not be more clear than at the closing parade of the Winter Carnival. Even in the arctic, sub zero weather the streets were flooded with people, all wearing smiles and all eager to meet the king of the Carnival and the most jovial snowman you will ever meet, Bonhomme Carnaval. This iconic figure is not simply a mascot, but a symbol of all the joy brought to the people and tourists of Quebec, who have joined together at the Winter Carnival year after year for generations.

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