It’s always important to be educated before entering an airport. How many bags can you check? What does your child need to do at security? Where is your gate?

Answering all simple questions before going to an airport can make your experience all the more pleasant. Not only should you educate yourself, but take the time to teach your kids about their upcoming airport adventure.

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The tricky part when it comes to luggage is that all airlines are different. Most airlines allow one carry-on and one personal item. But, the policies are more difficult with checked bags. Some airlines allow your to check two bags for free, but others don’t allow you any at all. It’s best to double check your airline’s bag policy before heading to the airport. That way, you don’t have to worry about spending extra money on a bag.

Also, bags can get lost easily in a busy airport. Make sure that you tag every bag with your name, address, and phone number, just in case. If they’re old enough, try having your kids write the tags. It’s a good way to make sure they know all your emergency information!

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Airport security can be a daunting process for kids so it’s best to give them a heads up. If your child is under 13, they can keep their shoes on. Not only that, a light jacket and head wear is acceptable as well. The best part is you and your child will never be separated during the security process. If your child is over 13, things are a little different. At that age, kids are expected to abide by standard screening procedures.

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Sometimes gates can be located across the entire airport. It’s a good idea to give you and your kids some extra time to make it to the gate.

Airports can seem scary to kids. They’re filled to the brink with people all going in completely different directions. In case of emergency, make sure your child memorizes your gate number, your destination, and what time your flight takes off, or write it down for them on a piece of paper or put it in their phone. If your little one does end up getting lost, knowing this information can help bring them back into your arms as soon as possible.

Helpful Tips and Facts:

  • Weigh your bags on a scale at home before getting to the airport to make sure the bags don’t exceed the checking limit. 
  • Signing up for TSA Precheck lets you get through security fast for only $85 every five years.
  • To receive updates on your flight status, most airlines offer notification services that inform you about delays, gate changes, and more.

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