Save Space!

Traveling by plane, train, or car there is always limited amounts of space, especially when traveling with a family! After (many) packing mishaps occurring during my travels, packing is now made a bit easier with just a few rules of what, and how to pack for a family vacation:

1. Use Air Space Bags
Normally this product is used for home storage solutions but it can be very useful on the road. You can borrow the vacuum at the hotel to re-pack when you are packing to go home.

2. Plastic Bags
Placing each outfit for your child’s vacation in a separate plastic bag is a great way to get your younger child involved with picking out their outfit while on vacation. Your child has fun picking out their own outfit and a zero chance of a mismatching their outfit!

3. Limit your number of shoes
Shoes take up a lot of space in your suitcase. Be a savvy traveler and pack your outfits around one pair of shoes. If you are going someplace warm wear your heavier shoes to the airport and pack the sandals in your suitcase. This will save you tons of space in your bag and could even save you money from bag fees!

4. Limit the number of Pants you take with on your trip
Take more tops with you and less pants, try to bring just 1-2 pairs of pants that goes well with your shirt selection.

5. Plan Outfits – Save more space!
Parents are more likely to plan their children’s outfits out, but remember we have to have a great outfit on too! You can save a lot of space in your bag by planning out what you are going to wear each day. Planning in advance like this is much more work but could really save you space and money.

These rules have ensured my family a smooth packing and travel experience. Packing used to come as a stress to me, but now with these small tips my worries can focus on other things…like how to make sure my family is having a great vacation!

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