Enjoy a day out with your family!

This year, March 30th is “Take a walk in the Park” Day.  I figured this would be a great time to tell you about some of my favorite parks around the U.S. where you can take your family out for for a mini-vacation.



Located in the center of the city, Central Park is the most-visited urban park within the United States. With an absolutely beautiful mix of architecture, landscape design, and urban planning, this 840+ acre park has something for everyone in the family. Depending on your mood, time of year, or your location in the park you can keep yourself busy for the whole day with activities such as fishing, baseball, and any field game imaginable. In the winter months you can even enjoy the ice skating rink! Have your little prince or princess find Belvedere Castle, a whimsical structure built in the 1800s. With 22 playgrounds in the park the kids will definitely have plenty of jungle gyms to swing from. For a more serene and quiet experience wake up the kids early and rent bikes to explore the park when New Yorkers are still asleep in their beds.




Set on Chicago’s beautiful northside, Lincoln Park stretches over 7 miles long and runs along the expansive Lake Michigan. Visitors will never run short of activities to do at the park. Start your Lincoln Park visit at the Zoo, and you’l love the price tag-ITS FREE! After you’ve enjoyed a morning of animals, stop off at the Brauer Street Cafe, located right next door. The Cafe overlooks a beautiful Zoo lagoon. Take a walk just south of the Zoo and walk over the bridge that crosses Lake Shore Drive to discover North Avenue Beach. Take a dip in the lake, lay out on the beach, or watch a professional volleyball tournament. Many great hotspots that you can’t miss in the park are Shakespeare Theatre, Lincoln Park Conservatory, Peggy Notebaert Museum, and Sydney R. Marovitz Golf Course. Rent bikes and ride along the Lake Shore Drive path to get beautiful lake views. This is just the tip of the iceberg on great activities to enjoy in Lincoln Park!




Boston Commons, the oldest city park in the United States, is home to the starting point of the Freedom Trail. The park, centrally located with easy access to attractions via the “T” system, has a long history. It was once used as common grazing area for cattle. However, more gruesome historical details include the public hangings that took place at the park. British troops camped out in the park in 1775, before the revolution began, and celebrities such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr have given speeches there as well. Park activities include Swan boat rides, walking and bike-riding paths, open air chess game tables, and plenty of green space for a family picnic. The little ones might enjoy a stroll around the pond while reading the darling children’s book Make Way for the Ducks. The book tells the story of a pair of ducklings who raise their chicks on an island in the middle of the Boston Commons pond.  The next time you’re in Boston, don’t miss this historic gem!



Mission Dolores Park is located in San Francisco and is one of the most popular parks in the city. It is named after the nearby Mission Dolores Chapel, which is one of the oldest surviving structures in San Francisco. The park offers stunning views of the city while giving visitors a wide variety of activities to keep you busy all day long. At the park you’ll find lush green lawns perfect for a picnic. For the sports lovers there is a soccer field, six tennis courts, and one basketball court. The kiddies can also enjoy the playground and stop by the dog park–maybe you’ll find a perfect playmate for your kid or the dog! During the year, you can catch many performances, cultural events and festivals!>




Located in the midst of a bustling Seattle neighborhood, Green Lake Park offers a variety of activities surrounded by the beauty of water and nature. A 2.8 mile path around the lake is the perfect chance to get acquainted with the park, all while getting a little exercise. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, they do have windsurfing, a skate park, basketball court, and a playing field with a baseball field and room to run around. Take a more relaxed approach and sunbathe near the lakefront, take a refreshing bike ride, or have a picnic dinner while you watch the sunset.

This park offers a great variety of water activities to keep the kids occupied! A lake beach offering swimming  (lifeguards on duty) will keep them entertained. Fishing, canoeing, kayaking, sailing, and paddle boating are just a few other great water activities offered at the park. This park has it all!  During the summer months the Pitch and Putt offers 9 holes of golf or enjoy a night out at the Bathhouse Public Theatre. A visit to Green Lake park will definitely be a day-long event so make sure the kids are well-rested, because they will need as much energy as possible to get the most out of this park!

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