Key Sailing: 400 Quietwater Beach Rd., Gulf Breeze, FL 32561

My daughters have always wanted to try parasailing and Pensacola provided the perfect backdrop for this adventure! First we had to change into our suits and get our hair pulled back so it wouldn’t whip around in the wind so we set up a makeshift changing studio in the parking lot!

We felt a few raindrops when we first arrived at Key Sailingwatersports so we almost had to call the whole outing off for the day. Luckily the weather held out for us and we were able to get suited up with life jackets and harnessed into the parasail. Let’s talk life jackets for a minute… Life jackets should be snug. To know if your child has the right size, have them lift their arms above their head like they are making the touchdown motion. If the life jacket touches the bottom of their ears, then the vest is too big or too loose. A life jacket should keep your head and the top of your shoulders above the water. If it doesn’t fit properly because it’s too loose, the life jacket may go above your face. If it’s too tight then it might not keep you afloat. So take the time to make sure the life jackets fit just right! If you need more information, check out the Wear It! Campaign.

Parasailing_ShootOK, so with life jackets on, we were ready to go! It was really fun that all three of us were able to go together on the parasail. We started in a seated position off the back of the boat and then floated up into the air with the help of our parasail, aptly named Smiling Bob. The take-off was very gentle, but it was still really exciting. I think we all squealed a little on take off, but I’m pretty sure I was the loudest! At first we were a little nervous, but that feeling went away once we were floating in the air. We could see dolphins swimming below and even turtles and stingrays. The girls really enjoyed it, especially Shea. She’s my quiet, yet adventurous one!

Shea_and_CaptainKey Sailing is right next to the Portofino Boardwalk so you can spend the afternoon in the area shopping and enjoying watersports before enjoying some dinner. Other water activities in the area include paddle boarding, kayaking, and boating among other activities.

Some Additional Tips
• Don’t forget your sunscreen!
• You are going to get wet so bring a change of clothes. If it’s chilly, you might want a sweatshirt.
• The boats used are US Coast Guard inspected and the crew are CPR and Advanced First Aid Certified.
• Weight restrictions: minimum 100 lbs and maximum 450 lbs
• If you time it right, you could see the Blue Angels flying in the sky while you are parasailing!

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