EdVenture Children’s Museum

211 Gervais Street, Columbia, South Carolina




EDDIE, the world’s largest 10-year-old, is the centerpiece and ambassador of South Carolina’s EdVenture Children’s Museum. At 40 feet tall and 35,000 pounds, EDDIE is twice the size of Lincoln’s monument in Washington, D.C. Not only is EDDIE the show stopper of the museum, but he is also one of their most important educators!

Photo courtesy of thestate.com

EDDIE’s physical design was made to reflect South Carolina’s typical 10-year-old kid. With hollowed out insides that showcase his superhuman body parts, EDDIE provides visitors with an up close look at how the human body works. Kids and adults are able to climb in through his brain, bounce around his stomach’s play pit, and examine his giant heart. People can also explore EDDIE’s nasal cavities and eye sockets. Talk about up close and personal!

The giant boy also appears throughout the museum on a much smaller scale. Whether he’s getting a check up at the dentist, or being operating on by museum visitors, you won’t have any problem running into South Carolina’s most popular kid.

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