SEASON 6 PREVIEW on Family Travel with Colleen Kelly


Join the family on this unforgettable getaway as they go on an adventurous ATV ride through the stunning terrain of Mexico, go on a taco tour to explore the delicious local cuisine, and visit Puerto Vallarta’s famous Botanical Gardens. Of course, their trip wouldn’t be complete without snorkeling in the warm waters and basking in the sun, all while soaking up this diverse culture.


Great Places to Go in Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is an adventure for the whole family. If you ever wanted to set sail on a pirate ship, you have found the gold! Marigalante Pirate Ship is an all-day cruise featuring an exciting pirate show with acrobatics, sword fighting and cannons blasting! Activities range from dancing, games and contests, to water sports like kayaking, banana boats, snorkeling, beach volleyball and buried treasure hunts. We didn’t want to get off this ship!

Puerto Vallarta is a beautiful place to see from the water but also so much to see on land. Not only has Puerto Vallarta been famous for decades because of its beaches, dining, nightlife, and ecotourism but also due to its bustling cultural life and famous art galleries. The Puerto Vallarta Malecon is an open-air sculpture gallery seaside promenade. With each high season, the active art scene goes into overdrive with the weekly “open house” Puerto Vallarta Historic Center ArtWalk, when their best galleries display a mix of traditional and cutting-edge art, both Mexican & International. Spoiler for the kids: The Disney movie “Coco” was inspired by the local art of Puerto Vallarta!

Also Located in the heart of the Zona Romántica, the street Basilio Badillo is a vibrant mix between the Old Vallarta and the new, developing Vallarta. Here you will find multiple boutiques, restaurants, and apartment buildings welcoming a diverse range of national and international visitors.



Puerto Vallarta brings the fun to the next level at Canopy River with a little earth, water, air and adrenaline. Take an ATV through unknown trails with amazing views of the Sierra Madre. On the trail you can drive your ATV across the Jorullo Bridge! The Jorullo Bridge is the largest suspension bridge in the world at 470 meters in length and 150 meters in height. After you work up a sweat, don’t be afraid to stop at the “el salto” waterfall, where you can take a dive into the natural spring water. Wanting to travel by air? Then feel free to fly! The zip line takes you over 200 feet above the river as you enjoy the majestic sights surrounding the Canopy River.

The adventures are endless as you can experience a wide selection of adventure-based tours and excursions for people of all ages at Vallarta Adventures. From zip lining to swimming with sea lions, whale watching to snorkeling, parasailing to scuba diving to an award-winning dinner show in Rhythms of the Night – this place gives you an adventure of a lifetime and you won’t forget it.


Family Favorite Restaurants

There is something for everyone when it comes to the food in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Take a stroll through the local farmer’s markets and smell all the fragrant spices from the various local food stands in the area. This experience prepares the palate for a savory adventure.

The local food stands are where you can find some of the best Mexican cuisine around. If you are unsure about braving this experience without a guide, there are a few companies that offer food tours, creating a safe and fun environment while trying the local cuisine. We participated in The Street – An Evening Taco Adventure Tour with Vallarta Food Tours, where we were able to experience and explore the sights, sounds, and energy of Vallarta’s nighttime culinary scene.

Our evening began with a stroll down the Emiliano Zapata, Centro (downtown) and 5 de Diciembre neighborhoods, participating in the various authentic eats. Our tasting/tour included pozole, sopes, churros, marlin quesadillas and it wouldn’t be a taco tour without…Tacos! Make sure to sample the El Pastor tacos and Carne Asada tacos – They were our favorite!

Among the local food stands and tours, you’ll find some of the best Mexican restaurants all within walking distance. We stopped at a local favorite, Gaby’s Restaurant Bar where they created a memorable experience for the family by letting us pick out fresh ingredients for our 7-course meal. Back at the restaurant, participants make every part of a traditional Mexican feast. Chef Julio is young but unbelievably knowledgeable about the food and its origins. It was a great (and delicious!) bonding experience for the whole family.

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