A historical landmark, as well as a relaxing spa destination, The Modrzewie Park Hotel and Pieniny Spa Resort in the town of Szczawnica, Poland, was built in 1938 by owner Adam Stadnicki. It resides in the midst of a larch forest, and the famous villa was originally dedicated to Stadnicki’s daughter. Today, revitalized by the Mankowski family, it is not only a relaxing getaway and healing destination, but it also holds a long history within its boundaries…

The guesthouse served as a meeting place during World War II, and was even operated by the Polish RedCross as a hospital during this time. The spa has also been utilized by coal miners and steelworkers, who came to be treated for diseases.

Small room with a bar inside a hotel, from "Relax & Unwind in Szczawnica, Poland"

Visiting Today

Grupa Thermaleo & Uzdrowisko Szczawnica continuously works to update the hotels—including the 5-star Modrzewie Park Hotel—and various spa offerings, while promoting local art and developing health programs for those who come to heal from an ailment or unwind. Some popular features of this area are Dworek Gościnny, the Mineral-Water Bar, and Café Helenka

We had the great privilege to spend a night at this beautiful hotel, taking in the old 19th-century architecture of Dietl Square. A highlight was enjoying an evening at the Jazz Bar, where the lights were turned down low over red velvet seats, begging visitors to sink into the depths of live music and a delicious meal.

A statue of a woman in front of a polish building, from "Relax & Unwind in Szczawnica, Poland"

The rooms at the Modrzewie Park Hotel were spacious, with high ceilings and windows that let the light in between the larch trees. And grabbing a hot breakfast and pastries in the morning was the perfect way to start our day.

What a treat it was to stay at and visit this unique and historical area of Szczawnica. If you ever find yourself in the area, take a stroll across the bridge into the square and take time to check out the accommodations of the spas, restaurants, and hotels available to locals and tourists alike.

Photo Credits: Megan Kudla

Updated 9/12/23.


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