Big Lou’s Pizza – 2048 South W.W. White, San Antonio 78222, 210-337-0707 If you want your kid’s tummy full, look no further, this restaurant is home to some of the biggest pizza pies in the country! Measuring at a whopping 62-inches making the pizza…5 feet, 2 inches in diameter equaling 3,019 square inches! Your eyes will definitely be bigger than your stomach for this meal, hopefully you can build up your appetite while you wait for a table. Image provided by:

The Original Mexican Restaurant- 528 Riverwalk, San Antonio 78205, 210-224-9951 Opening in 1988, “The Original” is one of the first Mexican restaurants on the Riverwalk. This restaurant is great for food, big family gatherings and photo ops! If you’re hungry after a long day of exploring all of what San Antonio has to offer, or you’re a regular with a craving for something delicious, they’ve got a great plate for you. Not to mention the big helpings of homestyle Mexican dishes they serve using fresh ingredients and spices! Image provided by: Image provided by:

Pete’s Tako House – 502 Brooklyn Ave, San Antonio 7821, 210-224-2911 Offering classic Tex-Mex dishes, delicious homemade tortillas and it’s located right on the Museum Reach. This is a perfect restaurant to take the kids to eat and then go on a little walk along the Museum Reach. Don’t get worried about the low prices, because you will get more than enough food, even just one “tako” will fill you up! Image provided by:

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