After a long winter of being inside the home, you might just be in need of a family getaway… Look no further than the quaint area of Petoskey! This bustling northern Michigan town is located right on the edges of Lake Michigan, where the air is crisp and the vast waters beg to be sailed upon. And it has something for all ages: Bring your children or a group of friends, and you’ll be relaxed and entertained, regardless. 

Especially if you happen to live in the Midwest area, it is an ideal location to drive up to for a long weekend. There are plenty of hotels in and around the center of downtown. For example, the historic Stafford’s Perry Hotel has been standing since 1899, and it’s one great option to either stay or dine at.

Speaking of history, Petoskey is well-known for being a home of famed author Ernest Hemingway. He was no stranger to either the Perry Hotel or what is now City Park Grill (which, by the way, has fresh fish and the fluffiest biscuits). 

Impressionable are the family-owned businesses and homemade cuisine: Sam’s Graces Cafe delights for a frittata brunch or one of their delicious lemon blueberry scones. American Spoon displays walls of a variety of jams—and just around the corner, a gelato shop, where you can see the kitchen in which it’s all made on-site! If you’re more of a fudge person, Murdick’s is the place. And for dinner, Beards Brewery is somewhere both the adults and kids can enjoy. The pub has pizza with a flavorful and flaky crust. (Quick plug for the margarita pizza.)

Don’t mind if I do…

For the adults to get away and unwind, Petoskey Farms Vineyard & Winery has some beautiful views—both in rain and shine. Cheers to an afternoon wine tasting! Of course, a bottle of unique, local wine is also the perfect souvenir to pick out, to take home, and to share (well, maybe, share) with friends.

Shopping is also a multigenerational event here in town, with boutiques, children’s stores, souvenir shops, art galleries, and more. (Pro tip: If you’re on a spree, order some coffee and sandwiches ahead of time and pick them up from the window of Roast and Toast. With colorful mugs adorning the entryway, you won’t miss it!)

It’s friendly, fun, and right on the lake; so check out Petoskey with your family. And don’t forget your Petoskey stone! Not only is it Michigan’s state stone, but it’s also a nice reminder of your trip.

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