One of the high points of the trip was our visit to the Hotel de Glace.  Constructed entirely out of ice and only standing during the winter, this is unlike any hotel you’ve ever seen. Each room contains fantastic sculptures including bears, whales, and many more. Hotel de Glace is not for the warm weather bugs, and is constantly kept at freezing temperatures to keep the walls from melting. It is open to the public during the day and welcomes its occupants in the evening for dancing, drinking, and hot-tubbing to warm up before bed. Your body may be cold, but this unique gem will surely warm your heart.


Not only that, when you’re on vacation, trying out local dining options is a must! On our first night in Quebec City we dined at the wonderful Aviatic Club Resto-Cabarat.  The setting was relaxing and tasteful, completed by a live duo of musicians performing jazz covers of popular songs.  We were served absolutely outstanding poutine, fondue, steak, and venison in a smoky bourbon sauce complete with wine pairings.  When staying in Quebec City the Aviatic is a must for dinner.


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