signage for Anastasia the Musical at the CIBC Theater in Chicago (PBS TRAVEL TV HOST COLLEEN KELLY’S TOP 5 FALL GETAWAYS)

Tuesday, September 20, 2022 was opening night of the national tour of the Broadway hit, Anastasia, at the CIBC Theatre in Chicago, bringing in and delighting theater-lovers and families alike.


Coming in with fresh eyes, you will find yourself dazzled by a whirlwind story that spans both time and space, transporting you from St Petersburg, Russia, in 1906, to Paris, France, in 1927. A young woman searches for “home, love, and family” on an incredible journey with two unlikely companions. 


If you are familiar with this well-known story, don’t doubt the broadway show adaptation’s ability to surprise you with sweeping dance numbers and extraordinary sets, smartly utilizing realistic projections that create color, depth, and texture on stage. 


The cast, many who are making their national tour debut, shined during the performance with soaring vocals throughout beautiful songs telling of memories, rumors, and hope. Veronica Stern, who plays the leading role of Anya, captures the hearts of the audience, as she draws you into her portrayal of the journey to understand identity and find love. 


It was wonderful to see both young performers on stage and in the theater–this is a musical perfect for families. The on-stage effects bring forth a magical storytelling that will captivate children, and added humor for adults will elicit more than one belly-laugh from auditorium seats. 


You can catch this production in Chicago at the CIBC Theatre from September 20, 2022 to September 25, 2022. Check out Broadway in Chicago’s website for more information. 


(If you live outside of Chicago, fear not, because Anastasia is coming to you, next!)



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