The Cheapest Winter Destinations in Europe

The winter season will be here in no time, and most of the destinations in Europe will become really expensive. However, there are some winter travel destinations in Europe that you can still afford without straining your budget.


Not only are they affordable and cheap, but they also offer plenty of interesting and fun-filled winter activities that will keep you and your family busy and entertained. Here is a hand-picked list of cheap travel destinations in Europe that can help you find your perfect winter getaway with little money. Let’s dig in!




Estonia's capital city, Tallinn, from "The Cheapest Winter Destinations in Europe"

Estonia is an undiscovered gem in Europe that is blessed with breathtaking natural scenery that looks stunning during the winter season. It is fast becoming a popular destination among those who are planning family holidays to Europe due to the cheap flights, wild nightlife, and beautiful cities. During winter, Estonia transforms itself into a fairyland, making your family travel experience one to remember.


Estonia’s capital city, Tallinn, is the most notable of all places. You can participate in events like the Tallinn Christmas Market, where you can marvel at the Christmas trees, decorations, and lights while tasting Estonian Christmas cuisine with a hot Christmas drink in hand. And in Narva, you can take part in the Stebby Estonian Night Run before New Year’s Eve.




Montenegro, a country in the Balkans that was once overlooked in favor of more popular Mediterranean countries, is finally having its moment as a result of its extremely low prices and abundance of charming small towns, beautiful beaches, a breathtaking coastline, gourmet restaurants, and rugged mountains. Montenegro should be on your list of the cheapest vacation destinations because you can enjoy luxury and beauty at a fraction of the cost compared to similar destinations.


Besides, there are plenty of mountain areas where you can have fun doing winter sports like skiing and snowboarding. Also, if you visit Montenegro during the month of February, you can witness the traditional winter carnival that takes place in Kotor. The carnival is followed by a wide variety of activities, including traditional masked balls, which are held in all the towns along the Boka Bay, majorette parades, kid-friendly carnivals, concerts, and promotions of regional food.





Lithuania is another one of the cheap winter travel destinations in Europe that is overlooked by most tourists and is thus a great place to escape the crowds. The country is mostly covered in snow during winter, but its charm is not. For those who are planning family holidays to Europe on a budget, Lithuania is definitely a great option to consider.


You’ll be in awe as the country transforms itself into a kingdom of twinkling fairy lights, festively decorated homes and shops, and heartwarming Christmas markets with stalls offering a wide variety of products, including wooden handicrafts, baked goods, hot food, and souvenirs. On top of that, you’ll find many other exciting activities like skiing and snowboarding in Liepkalnis, marveling at the winter beauty of the Bernardine Garden, or pampering yourselves with a hot thermal bath. If you visit Lithuania in February, you’ll have the chance to partake in a fun-filled festival called Uzgavenes. You can dance and sing, eat, and drink at this annual gathering.



Wrap it up!

These are our top picks for cheap places to travel in 2023 that will give you that amazing vacation you’ve always wanted but could never afford. We hope that this list of winter travel destinations proves to be helpful in making your travel plans for the future. So, start planning today so you can enjoy an exciting and unforgettable journey to one of the most memorable destinations in Europe.



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