Airplane flying in sunset (The Top Tips for Planning Holiday Travel)

Planning for the holidays can be a stressful and overwhelming task, but we’re here to help! A poorly planned trip filled with unforeseen delays and inconveniences can lead to a hectic, stressful holiday, and that’s the last thing you would want to deal with as you’re getting ready for end-of-year travels!

Besides, it’s now time to start seriously planning holiday travel because this holiday season is expected to be both busy and expensive. So, here’s what we suggest that you consider doing in order to create a better holiday trip for 2022.


Book the first available flight

It’s no secret that holiday times can be difficult for flying. If one flight gets canceled due to unforeseen weather and overcrowding situations, it can affect other flights as well. Therefore, it is recommended that you book the earliest flight in the morning.


Early morning at airport terminal (The Top Tips for Planning Holiday Travel)


Fly on the actual holiday to get better deals

Flying on the exact holiday might save you some bucks. So, consider scheduling the departure or return on the actual day of a holiday if possible. (Read tips for traveling the day before Thanksgiving.)


Check the policies on changes and cancelations

It’s important to review the cancellation and change policies before making any reservations since the COVID-19 pandemic is still uncertain.


Booking early

The next winter and holiday season are expected to break all previous records. Because of this, it is recommended by experts that tourists start making preparations immediately before hotel and airfare prices skyrocket. That way, you can secure cheap flights and hotels.

Airfare for the upcoming holidays is at its lowest between the middle of September and before Thanksgiving. (Get tips on travel credit cards and redeeming rewards.)


Take a nonstop flight

Anyone who has ever tried to fly during a big holiday week knows that the lines at security are longer than usual and that flights are often delayed. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you always choose the nonstop flight, even if it is somewhat more expensive.


Consider alternate airports

Flying in and out of secondary airports that are often less crowded is one way to avoid the crowds and stress of the holidays. If there is a secondary airport that has flights to the same destination, you may be able to book tickets at a cheaper rate and find extra seating options.



Keep an eye on the weather forecast

When it comes to setbacks, bad weather may cause significant interruptions to your travel plans over the holidays. If you want to have a successful vacation, you should pay attention to the weather forecasts and make any necessary arrangements before you go.

If the weather is nice where you are but terrible at your destination, bear in mind that a weather catastrophe that affects major airports can have a domino effect on travel plans throughout the country.


Buy travel insurance

Getting travel insurance is a common practice for the many tourists who will be venturing out over the holiday season.

Travel insurance can help you with cancellations, delays, interruptions, baggage protection, and medical expenses and offer some peace of mind.



Hopefully, these holiday travel tips will help you better prepare for the coming holiday season in 2022 and help you secure the best holiday packages and the cheapest airfares without having to pay ridiculous charges and hidden fees.

Incorporating these tips into your next vacation will make sure your vacation goes as planned and will give you a pleasurable experience to reminisce about for the rest of your life.


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