It’s that time of the year again, and you know what that means! It’s time for Colleen Kelly’s annual list of family friendly travel gadgets for the upcoming year. These gadgets do it all, from keeping you prepared and safe to keeping your kids smiling from ear to ear. Let’s get started.

1. AirBolt

Tired of worrying about your luggage when you’re traveling? If so, the AirBolt is the gadget for you! The AirBolt is the world’s first ever smart travel lock. The AirBolt primarily protects against theft, but it has many more capabilities. The lock is controlled by your iPhone. Not only that, there is a GPS tracker embedded into the device that lets you know where your luggage is incase an airline loses it or it gets lost. The AirBolt can also alert you if there is too much distance between you and your bag in the case you forget it or it gets stolen. For your upcoming travel adventures, the AirBolt is a must to keep you happy and carefree, just as traveling should be!

Photo courtesy of AirBolt

2. Oasis Stereo Bluetooth Sound Therapy System

If you have trouble falling asleep, then look no further. The Oasis Stereo Bluetooth Sleep Sound Therapy System is here to help. The speaker is a dual speaker and has subwoofer system to make the sounds life-like. The system allows you to play built in songs as well as songs that are streamed. The innovative speaker comes with an SD card with ten of Sound Oasis’s “best sounds”. Or, use the bluetooth capabilities of the speaker to stream white noise, nature sounds, or relaxing sounds. With this speaker, get ready to say hello to a good night’s sleep.

Photo Courtesy of Sound Oasis

3. PBS Plug & Play

This revolutionary gadget allows you to bring your children’s favorite PBS shows on the go! Without wifi, the device itself comes with multiple preloaded sing-alongs, games, and other educational content. With wifi, the capabilities of the device expands. It provides free access to the 24/7 PBS channel, live streams with local PBS stations around the country, and over 100 hours of on-demand videos. The PBS Plug & Play comes with a fun child friendly remote and the ability to transform your room into an entertaining, family friendly environment.


Photo Courtesy of PBS



Plane rides can be uncomfortable and exhausting, but not with a hooded travel pillow. The Grand Trunk hooded travel pillow combines a travel neck pillow with a sweater hood attached on top to create optimal comfort. The base is memory foam with a soft micro-fleece on top and the hood keeps you warm while simultaneously acting as a sun shield. Not to mention, it comes with hygienic travel bag as well. This item is simply a must for your next airplane adventure!

Photo Courtesy of Grand Trunk

5. WeeGo

The WeeGo is the portable charger of all portable chargers. The gadget can do everything. It can jump start any vehicle such as a car, motorcycle, truck, boat, and ATV. The WeeGo can also charge devices like phones, tablets, and even laptops. Not only that, the WeeGo includes a powerful 500-lumen LED flashlight. With the  WeeGo, you will be prepared for it all.

Photo Courtesy of WeeGo

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