Puerto Vallarta brings the fun to the next level at Canopy River with a little earth, water, air and adrenaline. Take an ATV through unknown trails with amazing views of the Sierra Madre. On the trail you can drive your ATV across the Jorullo Bridge! The Jorullo Bridge is the largest suspension bridge in the world at 470 meters in length and 150 meters in height. After you work up a sweat, don’t be afraid to stop at the “el salto” waterfall, where you can take a dive into the natural spring water. Wanting to travel by air? Then feel free to fly! The zip line takes you over 200 feet above the river as you enjoy the majestic sights surrounding the Canopy River.

The adventures are endless as you can experience a wide selection of adventure-based tours and excursions for people of all ages at Vallarta Adventures. From zip lining to swimming with sea lions, whale watching to snorkeling, parasailing to scuba diving to an award-winning dinner show in Rhythms of the Night – this place gives you an adventure of a lifetime and you won’t forget it.


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