Winter Travel Packing Hacks

If you plan to travel in winter, the thought of packing for cold weather may seem daunting because of all the extra layers you need to pack. To make the whole experience less stressful and time-consuming, here are some easy packing hacks that will help you look professional even when you’re freezing!


Choose a hard-sided suitcase.


A hard-sided suitcase is important cold weather gear that will protect your belongings from water and snow melt during the winter. Having the right suitcase will save you a lot of trouble by staying closed and keeping your belongings dry and safe.


Invest in packing cubes.


This is one of the most convenient packing hacks that will make packing and unloading less stressful amid the cold weather. Packing cubes help you to compress your bulky clothes and will save you a lot of space that you can utilize to load in more layers.


Pack wool instead of cotton.


Take your cold weather packing list and cross out those cotton items and replace them with wool, because unlike in summer, cotton will only make you feel clammy and freezing during the cold weather, whereas wool is thick and has a great thermal property that keeps you warm.


Don’t stress about what your underlayers look like.


If you are stressing about the underlayers of your winter travel outfits, don’t! You’ll be wearing chunky sweaters, jackets, and snow boots, so no one will care if you have a camo army shirt under your puffer or a silly patterned pair of tights peeking out from under your jeans.


Stick to neutral clothing staples.


Adding neutral clothing staples to your packing list for a winter vacation will help you pack less and wear more on your trip. Packing neutrals instead of heavy prints will allow you to mix and match these staples and create a ton of winter travel outfits that you could’ve never dreamed of making.

Bring some plastic bags for wet items.


This is one of the universal packing hacks for any trip, whether it be in winter or summer. Plastic bags will particularly come in handy in the winter because of the unpredictable weather, which can soak your clothes at any moment. They can also be used to keep your toiletries dry and ensure they do not spill into your suitcase or bag.

Stuff your waterproof shoes/boots.


It goes without saying that waterproof shoes are essential in the winter since snow and ice can soak your socks and shoes, making your feet cold and uncomfortable. A good winter packing hack is to stuff these shoes with socks so that you can compress your footwear and save space.


Go for a puffy, insulated jacket.

When adding heavy coats to your cold weather packing list, it’s obvious that you’ll lose a significant amount of space in your luggage. One of the best packing hacks to avoid this is to purchase a puffy, insulated jacket. By choosing a puffy, insulated jacket that compresses, you’ll be able to save a ton of space while still maintaining warmth because these jackets are incredibly well-insulated.


We hope that this list of winter travel packing hacks will help you get ready for a more prepared trip this winter without sacrificing warmth, comfort, or convenience. Incorporate these packing hacks into your packing system, and you’ll be able to relax and travel more securely in the winter months.


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