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Boston, MA Archives - Family Travel with Colleen Kelly

Two Great Family Vacation Activities – Science Followed By Swimming!

Everywhere I turn, there is talk about the need to get more children, especially girls, interested in science and engineering. I know my girls really like trying out science experiments and building things.
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Revolutionary Boston: Sneaking in Education on a Family Vacation – Those Ah-Ha Moments!

We always like to include some educational activities during our family travel TV shoots because we think it’s important that families take advantage of the history and culture each destination provides. We also like to make that learning fun!
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Is it Legal to Let Your Kids Eat like this on Vacation?

Lobster, sushi, oysters...all fit for a family of foodies visiting Boston on vacation! When in Boston, you’ve got to try classic New England fare and we were invited to meet Executive Chef Rick Vellante at Legal Seafoods to learn how to perfectly crack lobster to get the most meat possible.
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Teach Your Kids About the Finer Things on Vacation at the Museum Fine Arts, Boston

Art museums are luring families with a variety of creative activities for kids and the MFA, Boston offers some of the best activities we’ve seen in all our travels. They have several very clever programs for families with children of all ages.
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Holy Kronosaurus! Family Fun with Natural History in Boston

Natural history is the study of organisms including plants, animals, ecosystems, geology and more! While in Boston, we visited the Harvard Natural History Museum which is located on the Harvard University campus and is only a short walk from Harvard Yard.
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New England Aquarium: Family Vacation Edutainment!

Boston offers family fun all year round and one of our favorite family attractions during our family vacation TV shoot was a trip to the New England Aquarium. It provided the best of both worlds...entertainment mixed with education.
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