Water Carnival

OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET One of the highlights of the week at Family Camp Brosius is the Water Carnival at the end of the week.  The entire camp comes out to compete in what can be considered [...]

Fun & Games for the Adults

OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET The week at Family Camp Brosius was one of the best vacations I have ever had because it was just…easy! My husband and I enjoyed hanging out together while the [...]

Even Teenagers Can Find Fun

UR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET There were several teenagers at the camp and I noticed that they had the freedom to choose their activities each day even though counselors are available for ideas. [...]

Fun & Games for the Kids

It didn’t take long for my kids to jump right in and get into the swing of camp. They loved the counselors and my husband and I felt like they were in good hands and having fun. Our younger [...]