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Monterey, CA Archives - Family Travel with Colleen Kelly

Cultural Attractions

Custom House OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET Our cast and crew got a true California cultural experience at Custom House. We were able to learn about the rich history and how Monterey was California’s first capital, until Sacramento changed that in 1879. Also, we learned that Custom House is actually the oldest government building in
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Free Attractions

Dennis the Menace OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET We had loads of fun at Dennis the Menace Park. We were lucky enough to have the same families that went on the whale watching tour join us at this park. The kids had a lot of fun running around and we even gave them go pro
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Group Tours

Adventure Tour OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET Despite the rainy weather, we had a great experience on the Agtour and learned so much with our guest family. Our experience on this tour was not only very educational, it was also tasty! We got a close look at how artichokes are cultivated and packaged. The tour
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Places to Stay in Monterey

Portola Hotel Inn & Spa OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET I do love my job, but most people don’t realize we work 12 hour days and lug heavy equipment wherever we go! So when we got to Portola Hotel and learned that they had a spa, some of us just had to get a massage! 
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Casual Family Dining

400 Degrees OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET If you’re in Carmel, it’s definitely worth the trip to visit 400 Degrees to grab a burger. We enjoyed visiting this specialty burger joint and loved how unique their food items were. They have unique items like the Albacore tuna burger, which includes sweet chili slaw and wasabi
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Family Friendly Dining

Il Vecchio OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET We had a great experience visiting Il Vecchio! Food was served family-style and each meal was directly served from the pot it was prepared in. It’s always welcoming to visit a family owned business because we always feel like we’re at home. The atmosphere was really laid back
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Great Outdoors

Seahorse Equestrian Tours OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET We loved our experience at the Seahorse Equestrian Tours! We were able to see rare horses such as Mustangs and Arabians, while riding on the majestic beach in Monterey. I was able to learn something new, riding a horse with two reins instead of one, and our
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Educational Activities

Monterey Bay Aquarium OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET We were very fortunate that the Monterey Bay Aquarium staff and tour guides were very unbelievably accommodating and friendly. We had some scheduling issues on our end, but the aquarium staff members rolled with it and made the experience at the Monterey Bay Aquarium so much fun
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Sports Activities

Surfing OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET Sometimes things don’t go according to plan so you have to be flexible! Unfortunately the first family that was supposed to join us surfing had some sick kids on the day of filming. Fortunately, the crisis was averted and the owner of the surf shop knew a family that
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Fisherman’s Wharf Activities

Whale Watching – Fisberman’s Wharf OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET We were excited to go whale watching at Fisherman’s Wharf, but the weather wasn’t too friendly. Though we had to bundle up, we still had a great time and the folks at Randy’s Fishing & Whale Watching were incredibly accommodating. We learned some cool facts
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