Top Family Fun Sports

NOLA Motorsports Park OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET When shooting a show, it sometimes seems like the host is having all the fun. We were lucky enough to have our whole crew, including our [...]

Exciting Family Water Activities!

Jean Lafitte Swamp Tour Exciting Family Water Activities! Our experience on the Swamp Tour was fantastic! We were surprised that the boat captain had a baby alligator on board for us to touch. [...]

Family Fun with Animals!

Insectarium OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET There was more to the Insectarium than just seeing insects. We were able to take a bug cooking class and the food tasted better than we expected! Our [...]

Family Fun Culture

Mardi Gras World OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET Mardi Gras World was unbelievable.  Everywhere we turned, there was something new to see.  I think what struck me most was how environmentally [...]

Educational Museums

WWII Museum OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET Has your grandparent ever told you a story and you felt like you were experiencing it first hand? That is how we felt when we were getting told WWII [...]

For The Little Ones

Storyland OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET OK, I have to admit…I have always wanted to be a princess and I got my chance at Storyland, which is a hidden gem in City Park.  We were able to [...]

Desserts and Sweet Treats

Cafe Du Monde OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET Beignets are delicious, but they can be a bit messy. Some of the crew tried these tasty treats, but the powdered sugar unfortunately got everywhere! OUR [...]


Mulate’s Cajun Restaurant OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET The food at Mulates was unbelievable!  We began with an alligator appetizer and the food just kept coming! I think we tried everything [...]


French Market OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET Need to get an NOLA souvenir for a loved one? If so, stop by the French Market there is a lot to see and do. Visit Evans Creole Candy Factory, voted one [...]