Places to Stay in San Antonio, Texas

Holiday Inn OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET Our breath was taken away at Hotel Contessa! It was an inviting hotel with a beautiful pool area on a roof with cabanas. Not only is Hotel Contessa [...]

Shopping Locations

Paris Hatters OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET Our cast and crew felt like real cowboys at Paris Hatters. Our experience on set was incredible and all the staff was friendly and knowledgeable. We [...]

Amusement Parks

Morgans Wonderland OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET In my opinion, Morgan’s Wonderland was one of my favorite attractions in all of San Antonio. It is clean, fun and had numerous attractions for the [...]

Water Attractions

Sea World OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET We were amazed by the healthy choices that were offered at Sea World! Usually theme parks are famous for offering burgers and pizza, but here your child can [...]

Family Friendly Eateries

Mi Tierra Cafe and Bakery OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET The crew was blown away by the beautiful, colorful interior of the building. Combined with the food, the whole crew felt like we had traveled [...]

Texan Restaurants

Boudro’s Texas Bistro on the Riverwalk OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET Aside from the incredible tasting food, we were able to taste some of the delicious drinks that Boudro’s has to offer. One [...]

Top Live Attractions in San Antonio

Tejas Rodeo OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET While filming at Tejas Rodeo, we noted that this seems to be the place where many locals congregate. It’s not a typical tourist attraction, but if you are [...]

Educational Attractions in San Antonio

The Alamo OUR EXPERIENCE WHILE ON SET Luckily for us, we were able to jump back in time and experience life as it was back in the early beginnings of Texas. The curator of the Alamo allowed me to [...]

The Lovely Hotel Contessa

Tucked away on a graceful bend of the Riverwalk in San Antonio, is the lovely Hotel Contessa. Everything about her is warm, gracious and inviting. Hospitality and service are number one with this [...]