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Wales Archives - Family Travel with Colleen Kelly

Wales – the Quirky, the Exceptional, the Record Setting

The gorgeous, Italian-inspired Portmeirion Village is located in Gwynedd, North Wales and has been the central location of television shows and movies. Visitors from around the globe come here to visit for a feel-good adventure in a flavorful town.
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Family Fun in Snowdonia, Wales

Snowdonia offers families a lot of variety! It is the home to Snowdonia National Park and the biggest mountain in all of Wales as well as glorious, sandy beaches so you can hike, climb or just relax.
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Cardiff’s Family Gems – Doctor Who Experience & Millennium Center

Doctor Who is a long running British sci-fi series which is very popular around the world. Doctor Who isn’t a medical doctor, but rather an alien Time Lord who fights evil by traveling through space and time.
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Welsh Rugby with Legendary Player Phil Bennett

The sport of rugby is taken very seriously in Wales and in our experience shooting our show there, it is clearly a huge part of Welsh culture. We soon discovered that rugby is a thrilling, high-contact sport. Fans passionately watch matches and shout chants and cheers to rouse the crowd’s enthusiasm. Entire days are planned
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Discover Welsh Industry & Innovation

Swansea is a seaside town just west of Cardiff and is the second largest city in Wales. We could have shot an entire episode of Family Travel in Swansea with all of the fun outdoor activities that are offered in the region.
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Cardiff Castle for the Prince & Princess in your Family

Do your kids like to play dress up? Do they ever pretend that they are a knight in shining armour or a princess overlooking her kingdom from the top of a tower?
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